Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Rope Swing

One of our favorite walks is along a stream bed through several neighborhoods. I am sure it is considered a floodplain so the developers preserved the trees, put in a nice paved trail, and cute wooden bridges here and there. It runs for miles and is mainly shaded so it is a good place to walk the dogs. Of course their favorite feature is the stream. On one journey, we found a spot where the local kids had put up a rope swing complete with a wooden seat. Now the water is definitely not deep enough to jump off, but I am sure the kids still have alot of fun with it. For some reason, the swing triggered something in Jimmy's brain. It's movement just had to be controlled. It was a true frenzy! When we first found it, I did not have my camera along. Yesterday, I made a point of bringing it (and, yes, Joanna, I brought the good camera :-))

Here we see Jimmy striding over to check it out again....

Give me that thing!

OK, I've got it now!

I'm not letting go! No way!

Still have it, it won't get away!

Jaws of steel!


  1. He knows what to do, he is trying to swing!


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