Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Silly me! I was playing around with my blog backgrounds and layouts, etc. I tried several backgrounds from third parties, monkeyed around with blogger, and then got bored, so I just saved whichever one I ended on. Well, somewhere along the way, my list of blogs I follow got overwritten with a blank template. So now I have lost everyone's blogs. There's a reason you are *supposed* to back things up before playing around....So, I am sure I can find all my Cardi bloggers again, it just might take a while to build my list back!


  1. Taryn, email me penni at Elyan Cardigans dot com and I will copy my Cardigan blog list (from my dashboard) and send it to you. You will need to enter them by hand I'm afraid -- but at least you'll have most of the ones you follow -- and probably some you don't.

  2. Here's my blog to make it easier....http://run-jump-herd-heal.blogspot.com/

  3. I use Traci at gotcorgi's Cardi blog RSS feed as I never could get mine to do the live RSS feed ;0) She has a pretty complete list!

  4. You didn't lose me, but add me if you'd like: http://darbysdaily.blogspot.com/

    Darby's human


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