Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vendor at my last Trial

At my last agility trial, there was a vendor called Critter Craft . They had a large display case of pins and earrings in many breeds made out of (I believe) polymer clay. The items were not for sale, just examples. What they do is get photos of your dog while at the trial, and customize each piece to be exactly your dog. If you don't order from the trial, you can email them photos and place an order that way. The item above is an example of one of their Cardigans, not something I ordered, but it almost could be Wilson. You just go to their site, pick out the design you want (it doesn't matter if you see the design on a different breed), and supply photos, and you get a pin that looks just like your dog! That's especially nice for dogs with more individualized markings. They offer styles for most dog sports, so there are plenty of options. Also, after looking at the website, and having seen the real items, I think they look much nicer in person!

Anyway, I just wanted to point out this artist, since cute Cardigan items are often hard to find.


  1. Very cute stuff! I always like to get gift ideas for doggie friends too.

  2. She also sells on ebay, and I have some of her stuff... but OMG I neeed that one!! I love it! I may may pins/art but I'm also an avid collector, and wear Cardi jewelry almost daily.


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