Thursday, April 22, 2010

Roll Call Please!!!

We are down to just a couple of days until the festivities of the Cardigan National begin....

Jimmy and Wilson have one more agility lesson tomorrow and then it is what it is....I sure hope to come home with at least one Q between them!

So, who is going?


  1. Pu Head, Conner and Sam will all be there. Although Sam won't be doing any agility.

  2. Bug and I will be there to cheer everyone on!!

  3. Maggie and Ziggy and I will be there. No agility this year, but Rally & Obedience. I look forward to meeting everyone "for real"!

  4. Ian, Elli and I will be there. Ian will be embarassing me in the obedience ring, and Elli will hopefully not be coming in 9th out of 9 int he Am Bred class.

    I'm looking forward to meeting Ian's granddad, Sam.

  5. I am planning to be there Sunday (evening) through Sunday! I will have Luther & Sabrina with me.


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