Saturday, April 17, 2010

Telling Secrets

I thought this looked like Jimmy was sharing a juicy secret with Wilson. They both have rather conspiratorial looks in their eyes, so maybe they are plotting something....

Well, we are really counting down the days until the National! Next Saturday will be my "get ready" day. Sunday I hope to leave the house bright and early, so I can make it to Birdsboro early enough to watch at least some of the Cardigan-only herding. Jimmy and Wilson are both signed up for the Instinct test that follows. That should be interesting! I hope I won't be paying to replace any sheep!

Everyone pray for sunny weather for the outdoor events!


  1. Want to meet you! Lets be sure we run into each other.

  2. I doubt you'll be paying to replace sheep but, if you do you can always use it as raw food :) Ok, I know that was really bad.

  3. Looks like Wilson is feeling better!

    We plan to go up Saturday and go to the tracking site first thing Sunday and later to the herding site. We will see you there!!

  4. We'll see you in Birdsboro at the herding site. Looking forward to seeing you.

  5. cute photo! my guys play like that too...

    good luck at the national! i am sure the boys will do great at the instinct test!


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