Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rocketman !!!

Yesterday, Jimmy earned himself a new nickname in Jumpers: Rocketman. He had 41 seconds to run the JWW course, and he did it in just 20.91! This earned him the blue ribbon by a long shot! For that matter, he was faster than every single dog that ran in Novice, except one, a 20 inch Brittany who finished in just under 20 sec. It was a very exciting way to start the day!

Novice Standard was the last class of the day (as it usually is!), so we waited many hours for our next run. Alas, despite practicing downs when Jimmy was super high, and rewarding table work both at class and home, he absolutely would not do the table. This is the third NQ due to this issue. On the positive side, the rest of his run was nice, good running contacts, fast weaves on the first try, etc. I guess that little bugger just doesn't want the action to stop for 5 seconds!


  1. Great job in Jumpers. It sounds like Jimmie does not want any speed bumps. You'll find the secret to the table.

  2. Way to go Team Jimmy!!! Kudos to Taryn for keeping up with the speed demon!

  3. do you subscribe to clean run magazine? there was a really good article not too long ago about the table. might be useful for you and Jimmy.

    congrats on the jumpers run!

  4. Amanda, I do indeed get Clean Run. I've gotten rather blase about reading it, so you have a good suggestion. I have all my issues saved up. There's bound to be several articles.


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