Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In the style of artist Bev Doolittle

Amanda's picture that she posted today on her manymuddypaws blog reminded me of this photo of Wilson from a previous winter. I liked Amanda's picture for how the colors of the dogs played with the colors found in the leafy/snowy background. My photo does a similar interaction of Wilson's brindle with the old dried leaves and his white trim with the areas of snow. He blends in well enough that it brings to my mind the art of painter Bev Doolittle, who is well known for her style of camouflage painting. I am a big fan of Bev's work.

Many millennium ago, I was an Art/Photography major with a minor in Art History. I graduated into the poor economy of the early 80's. I quickly learned that I would starve if I pursued a career along those lines and headed down the budding computer fields track. I still enjoy "thinking" about art/composition/color relationships, etc., even if I wasn't lucky enough to make it my life's work.


  1. Perfect! I adore Bev Doolittle's work and you are so right about this photo.

  2. Funny, as I read the title, I wondered what the photo would be like, and yes, it's quite an accurate description! cute.

  3. he totally blends in, great photo...maybe i need a brown dog :o)


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