Sunday, September 6, 2009

Jimmy's First Trial - Day Two

Another successful day in the FAST ring! Jimmy again placed 4th! I really should have tried for more points as we finished with 12 seconds to spare, I just can't seem judge how long we have left........So now we have 2 legs toward our NF.

Jumpers went well, all bars stayed up. The only snafu was Jimmy went in the wrong end of the tunnel. I sent him through the correct side and finished up. I was all psyched thinking it was a Q. You get three mistakes in Novice, or so I thought.....It's just your dog can't take a wrong course, it is an eliminating fault! That was disappointing news to me! But he did well just the same, he finished in 28.21 seconds and the SCT was 40 seconds.

By the time STD finally rolled around, Jimmy was pretty much done with the whole scene. He started out very strong, but bounced the table (9th obstacle) and went on a sniff fest from there. He also went completely deaf! Seems he couldn't hear me calling his name! I had to run him down, grab his collar, and exit. It was another stinky hot day and I think he'd just had enough.

Overall, I think he did very well for a two year old, and a green agility dog. I am pleased with how our first trial went.


  1. It sounds like he's going to be a smashing agility dog. Keep up the training, and work to build his stamina. Young (and dark dogs) have a tough time.

  2. that's pretty good for his first try!!!

    he's such a handsome little dude. I love how dark he is!


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