Saturday, September 5, 2009

Jimmy's First Trial - Day One

Day one has been completed. And of course things never go quite as you anticipate.... I was pretty sure Jimmy wouldn't Q in FAST because he isn't ready to work away from me. The judge mercifully set up an easy send, and Jimmy did it just fine! He even took 4th place! If he hadn't drop a couple of bars (which does not NQ you in FAST as it does in STD/JWW), he would have gotten more points and placed even higher. I was VERY happy! Yippee!

Run two was JWW. Another nicely set up course. It's just a shame poor Jimmy has a MORON handler!!!! I went before the timer said go and NQ'ed us from the get go! I am such a jerk! My apologies to Claire who drove out to watch us and got to see three measly jumps before I got us whistled off the course.

Run three was STD and by 3pm it was bloody hot in the sun, somewhere around 90. Jimmy doesn't do heat too well, esp. with that black coat. I refridgerated him for a while in the car with the A/C running full blast, and that seemed to be enough to keep him going. He gave a beautiful run all things considered. He was rather slow doing the down on the table, but other than that he was speedy, nice weaves on the first try, but unfortunately took the second to last bar down. But hey, he had 72 seconds to run the course and even with a slow table did it in just over 49 seconds! I was very pleased, Q or not!

Here are a few pictures John shot. He couldn't stand very close because I was afraid Jimmy would go visit his favorite human!
Here he is successfully completing the Send.

He's a bit hard to see in this one but I liked the picture.......

And here he is with his perty ribbon and new toy. Nice job Jimmy!!! We will give it another go tomorrow.


  1. Congratulations Team Jimmy! And a belated Happy Birthday to Taryn!

  2. You all did great-Q or no Q. It was great to see you and congrats on the FAST Q.


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