Thursday, August 20, 2009

Where in the World are J&W - Part 3

UPDATE: It looks like it is pretty hard to get one past you guys! I'll have to try harder on the next post. Here are a few more photos from the town.......

I am going to make this one a little tougher (maybe). We didn't drive too far after our jaunt through Warwick. We still had a full afternoon to explore the next location. The clues for this next stop are: Think about the color scheme created by Jimmy and his chair and what that usually represents. The second photo shows John in front of a prominent statue in the town. If you've been here, you very likely saw it. A very popular museum about the town is behind John and to the right.


  1. You were like five miles from me and didn't come play!

    That statue is very, very famous for the way it looks from another angle.

  2. Joanna,

    Oh, no! I didn't realize I was so close to one of my blog friends! It would have been so fun to visit.

    I didn't know the statue had another "view".....What did I miss?

  3. Well, you'll have to come back to Salem and CALL ME, and I'll come show you ;). I actually went looking for a pic of it but google is disappointing me. Let's just say that if you walk around the statue and look at his hand holding the stumpy-thing behind him, all of a sudden it becomes very... interesting.

    I am not sure if they have characters out around the statue advertising Cry Innocent (a play that is put on every day very near there) yet, but that was me about ten years ago. Dressed in itchy wool, looking at the obscene Conant statue. Good times, good times :).


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