Wednesday, August 19, 2009

W in the W are J&W - Part 2

UPDATE: I quess this one wasn't so tricky after all! Janet knew the answer! If you've ever watched the GhostHunter's show, you should recognize this as well. They use it during the intro to the program.

Where are Jimmy and Wilson this time? We took a bit of a detour on our way to our second night's hotel. It wasn't too far off our path so it was a fun little diversion to see if this place really existed. You will need to be a fan of the SyFy channel to know this one!


  1. oooo,ooooo! Ghosthunters! RI?

  2. Well done, Janet! You are on a roll! Yep, it is the GhostHunters office in Warwick, RI. It's in a run down stripmall....being a Sunday morning, we didn't run into Jason or Grant.


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