Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Fourth Everyone!

Here's a cardigan of a different sort! This is a handmade sculpture by my favorite corgi artist, Barbie Sonnett. She has an amazing talent and makes many wonderful sculptures.
Jimmy and Wilson really don't like this holiday. All around the neighborhood, the kids have started lighting off fireworks at night. Both boys are petrified and won't even consider a bedtime walk if they hear even one pop. It will be a long couple of weeks til the kids get bored with this nightly entertainment.
Now, on the other hand, my first Cardi Dylan loved fireworks with a passion! LOVED THEM! We could take him to big displays and he would watch as the firework flew into the sky and exploded. Then he would drop his head and watch the next one go up. He would bark and wag, thrilled to pieces. He would get excited if you just imitated the whistle they make as they shoot into the air.
I hope you all have a fun and safe holiday!

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  1. Funny, isn't it how the different dogs react to fireworks. When fireworks start going off, Chase and Inca crash through the dog door, out into the yard where they bark at the noise (and, successfully chase it away). They do the same thing with thunder.


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