Sunday, April 15, 2018

Cedar Meets the Fair Weather Cardigan

Several years back, I lucked out and got this neat garden statue in a very realistic Cardigan Corgi. In the winter time, it hangs out in the basement as freezing temps are not great for it. Spring is finally trying to make an appearance, so I dragged it out (it's very heavy!), curious to see Cedar's reaction.....

Hmmmm...It looks like a dog, but it stands SO still!

Why isn't it looking at me?
Jimmy came out to help solve the mystery....
Funny faces on all three!

When in doubt....Sniff some butt!

Does he taste good? Can I eat him?

Once Cedar overcame his qualms and
 decided it made a good teething ring, I put it out of reach.


  1. BOL! OMD, Cedar, you are just too funny! Good things Jimmy showed you that doggie won't eats your foods or play with your toys ~ I gots one in my yardie too....and no butt smells from him eithers!
    Ruby ♥

  2. Lol...He is hilarious. How do you stand it?

  3. So funny! The questioning bark, in play mode....the obligatory identifying sniff, lick, and bite! Wonderful sequence.

  4. BOL LOL! Chester did the same thing with a statue we have of a cocker spaniel.

  5. BOL! Love the brave under-the-table barking.

  6. Haha! That is too funny! I loved the funny faces on all three :)

  7. Hah, puppies are adorable! I always love when dogs are exploring the world for the first time. Though Pallo always was a bit wary of the fox statue my neighbors had in their front garden. Walking past it always got a little bit of a grumble from him.


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