Friday, April 30, 2010

Also! I brought home a new Cardigan from the Nat'l !!!

Now that I have your attention, here's my newest addition. A very low maintenance, low shedding variety.... I just couldn't resist getting one of these wonderful garden sculptures. I unfortunately can't find the artist's business card to give her credit for this lovely little dog.

We placed it out in the yard soon after I got home. The next time Jimmy was released into the backyard, he ran over to chase off the trespasser and bumped right into it as he expected it to run off! Jimmy only made that mistake once. I am sure he was embarrassed!

**UPDATE** The artist is Martha Cawley. Click here for her website .


  1. So cute!!!! Specialties are great for finding all sorts of treasures.

    I bet Jimmy is embarrassed that you told us about him running into it. :)

    speaking of embarrassing for Jimmy; i was looking through the photos from the agility and saw his tantrum on the table. what a jerk. :) good thing he's so handsome! (and looked great otherwise!)

  2. Our boys, two peas in a pod. Remind me to tell you about Bobby barking his head off at a statue of St Francis. Very embarrassing for me AND St Frank.

  3. When you do find the business card, please share. My yard definitely needs a non-pooping Cardi!

  4. Could be a good guard dog, very still ;-)

    Wizz :-)


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