Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Mischief: I Forgot My Own 5 Year Blogiversary!!!

It's my turn to be the mischief maker! Close on the heels of my 1000th blog post comes another milestone, FIVE YEARS of keeping up with this blog. Wow! That's half a decade already!  But, do you know when that day occurred? Nope, not today, but over a week ago on June 1st! I completely missed that little fact and the day came and went without me even giving it a thought! Bad blogger, Bad!

Well, my intentions today are still the same as if I had remembered to post on the correct day......


And of course, as I've done before, I'm going to make you earn it! I know I am not the only person who has these moments of forgetfulness, so why not tell me one of your silliest tales of when a lapse in your memory caused you some mischief. It can be a missed date like mine, or perhaps misplacing something and finding it in the oddest of spots. the comments.

For this little contest, the prize will be winner's choice! I am going to give you two prizes to choose from.....

If you are the lucky winner selected by, you can choose between:

1) A $20 Gift E-Card to the White Dog Bone Company


2) A $20 Gift E-Card to Starbucks

This way you get to choose whose turn it is for a treat, you or the dog! No worries, I won't judge! LOL!

This is also very easy for me and you. All I have to do is get your email address and the E-Card will be sent directly to your inbox. No trips to the post office for me, and you don't have to reveal your home address!
I'll pick the winner next Monday, June 16th. OK everybody, let's see what you've got! 


  1. The dog's would win easily as we aren't coffee drinkers. :)

    Mama worked real hard on a crochet stuffed toy, got all the details on it sewed the head on only to realize she'd closed the head before adding the eyes. All that focus for the stuff she always forgets and the one thing she almost never has to remember she forgot to do.

  2. Our worst moment was this past winter, bitter cold outside, as we finished up dinner at an area restaurant,both my husband & I realized we both locked our keys in our car... so sitting at our table, we decided to order dessert while waiting for AAA. When AAA arrived, we realized we both forgot to LOCK THE CAR. Gave the guy a nice tip for coming out anyway. :-)

  3. You forgot!!! Silly head. Congratulations
    Lily & Edward

  4. Hmmm. The problem is that I'm so forgetful (seriously, I suffer from CRS - Can't Remember S**t) that I can't even remember good stories about stuff I forgot!

    I know I have at a minimum forgotten to celebrate every one of my blogoversaries. (I think there have been 4...)

    1. And I FORGOT to say Happy Blogoversary!! (Sorry - not trying to cheat and get an extra entry by commenting a 2nd time! Hope I don't throw off your selection thing...)

  5. Forgetfulness is the story of my life.

    I once left the headlights on my car running all night and when it came time to start my car, the battery was dead! I've also left my keys in the ignition, only to find myself in full panic mode when it was time to grab my keys from my purse and they weren't there!

    Yea, maybe I shouldn't drive...

    Happy 5 year blogiversary to you and the puppers!

  6. Not once, not twice, but THREE times I have driven off from a drive thru window and left my credit card, the most recent time being yesterday.

    Before that, I was on my way to the National Specialty, when I left it at Sonic on Monteagle Mtn. Luckily, I only got about halfway down the mountain when I remembered. So, when I got to the next exit I made the drive of shame back up.

  7. Congratulations to you and we hope you have many more fun years. Don't include us as we are across the pond but no worries we will still celebrate with you. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. I can't believe you forgot such an important date! Happy Blogoversary!!! 5 years is a real accomplishment! I think I've done it a little over a year and it feels like forever and I often want to quit. :)

    That being said...I once lost my driver's license. (I may have told this story before.) I tore the house apart looking for it. Ended up going to the DMV to get a new (humiliating, unflattering, etc) license. On the day I received my new license - I went into the freezer to get myself a frozen pizza and there was my old license, underneath the pizza box. (hangs head in shame) How it got there, I may never know.

  9. We were thirty minutes into our trip to the airport (about hour and half total drive) when I realized I forgot my passport. Had to drive back and get it. Luckily, I still made my flight but it was close!

  10. HAPPY HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!!!! WoooHoo!! (don't worry, Ma forgots my second one!!! shhhh, she didn't tell anyone....)
    Oh man, Ma can have lots of 'brain fog'!! Why, just this mornin', she forgots to shave her pits in the shower!!! BOL....ooops, I don't thinks I was suppose to tell that...okays, how about, she once went to the garage to get a frozen pizza outta the freezer (don't judge, it was ORGANIC!!) and didn't realize that I followed her out there, and shut the door behind her and left me out there!!!
    I sat patiently for 5 minutes before she realized I wasn't in the kitchen and found me out there!!! Can you say SPCA on speed dial?????
    Ruby ♥

  11. Five years! That's quite a feat. When we look down our bloglist, we see so many pups who've come and gone. Sometimes very quickly. So a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you--even if you forgot the exact date.

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  12. Congrats on you 5 year blogiversary! That is a big accomplishment! :)

  13. Congrats!!!! I forgot my 5th blogaversary too! Mine was on Jan 2 of this year. Oh well!

    I guess that we both started around the same time. I wish that I'd found you even sooner!

  14. I found the TV remote in the freezer, once. And I frequently find my sunglasses on my head. Happy Blogiversary!!

  15. Congrats! I've left my phone in the fridge. The other day, I forgot to feed Pike. I know, so horrible! But he never, ever acts hungry or demands food like Nola does, and he gets fed at a different time than she is. Totally slipped my mind!

  16. Congrats on 5 years! That is great! Congrats on 1000 posts that is also great!

  17. Congrats on 5 years!! WOW!!! As for forgetting stuff ... I do it ALL the time ... way to many to count. The worst dog-related was forgetting that I had to take care of Roxy for my parents until a few hours after I was suppose too! OOPS. Thankfully Corgis don't hold grudges to long or tell on ya!

  18. I've had your last week's Wordless Wednesday open in my browser for a week now and keep forgetting to comment!! True story :) I've had some giggles at your other comments! You can enter me for your giveaway as if I should be lucky enough to win I choose the e-card to the White Bone Dog Company which I'd like you to give to your favourite shelter/rescue :)

    Now, I mustn't forget to congratulate you on your 5 year Blogiversary and wish you many, many more!

  19. Well, Jason and I forgot his mom's birthday. Jason was telling me about his family going out to dinner and that his parents were going to stop by afterwards and we just went about our Friday evening. Fortunately we remembered right before his parents arrived but was still a very awkward "oh, hi, and happy birthday." D'Oh!

  20. Congratulations on your five year blogiversary! That is awesome!! My mischief is really, so I never forgot my kids' birthdays. I chose the delivery dates of 5-5-85 and 8-18-88. Always easy to remember! BOL!!

  21. Happy Blogaversary! Yay!!

    A silliest tale of when I forgot something? OMG there are so many to choose from! I forgot to pick the kids up from school one day this year and the principal called me to tell me they were sitting in her office crying :(

  22. I'm always forgetting something. I guess the latest one was when I offered to take my friend out to lunch for her birthday. After it was over, I realized I forgot to stop at the bank and get money. I had to borrow money from her for HER birthday. Ouch.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net


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