Saturday, May 26, 2018


Wilson's 15th birthday fell on a Wednesday so I didn't want to disrupt the Wordless Wednesday with anything but a photo. But of course, there was a lot to that day worthy of pictures!

The weirdest thing about the day was that I got called for jury duty. You never know if you will actually sit for a trial or not. You still have to go, wait it out, and see how it goes. Being the chronically on time person I am, I arrived at about 7:20 for an 8 o'clock schedule. Some other folks mosied in as late as 8:30. My half of the alphabet all waited around until 11:30 when we were told we would not be needed. I was SO thankful as that meant I would not miss the full day at home with Wilson!

It was lunch time when I got home. It was a very nice day so we grilled hot dogs for lunch. What dog doesn't want hot dogs for their special day?!

And of course there was cake!

And even a picture of me that I actually almost like! It was a must to be photographed with the birthday boy!

I am so grateful Wilson was still here for his 15th birthday. His kidney failure diagnosis last September really cast doubt on that!  But Cardigans are fighters, and Wilson wasn't ready to go just yet. Yay for that!

We will finish up with the birthday hat shot....this exact little cardboard hat goes all the way back to my very first Cardigan Dylan. We can't skip this tradition! Obviously, Wilson wishes we did!


  1. TUBE STEAKS??!!! OH YEAH!!!! I'll take four...okays...five!
    Dude, you sure are lookin' good for 15!!!! Holy furballs! I wanna be you when I grow up!
    Ruby ♥
    pees: LOVES the family portrait!!!

  2. I love these photos—every single one, and especially the one of you three with the cake on your finger! I am very happy to see Wilson hit that milestone (and receive proper re-wards!)

  3. Happy Birthday to Wilson! I'm so glad that he's had all this time with Cedar to teach the little guy all that he knows! Please give Wilson a birthday treat from me!

  4. Hi Taryn! My name is Kristin and I am a producer at the TV show Right This Minute. I'd love to talk to you about possibly sharing one of your videos on our show- please get in touch :) You can email me at or I sent you a FaceBook message that you can reply to. Thanks so much, I look forward to hearing from you!

  5. Happy birthday dear Wilson! You look better than ever, from the looks of your pictures it looks like you had an amazing celebration with your family. Thanks for the post, hope you enjoy the rest of your birthday week!
    World of Animals

  6. Hi, Wilson, wishing you the best. Hope you remain comfortable. Hopefully, the Annoying One isn't too annoying!

  7. Happy Birthday Wilson.......just lost my Cardi on Thurs. past-he was 14 1/2 yr and had a stroke.......his name was Floyd and I miss him.......hug your puppies for me...........Bev

  8. Happy Belated Birthday to Wilson :) Loving the cake and your party hat is pawesome :) Milo,Jet & Arli


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