Sunday, February 4, 2018

Weekend Cuteness

I've been posting a lot of photos over on Facebook. However, I don't want those of you who aren't on there to miss out!

Yesterday was freezing cold but at least it was a sunny day. We took all three boys for a walk around one of the small lakes in my neighborhood. It is very hard to get a picture of all three boys together. The puppy has no "stay" of course, and Jimmy and Wilson aren't really sure they even want to be seen with the little whippersnapper!

Then today started out with flurries that was just enough for a dusting. The pup's first snow with me! It revved him up and I got a few cute shots........

Sprinting toward me, happy as can be!

Silly faces brought on by the joy of snow.....

Achieving takeoff, ears and all!

Finally fresh air and exercise make for a relaxed baby.....

Unfortunately the snow turned to all day rain. Yuck! So ends the outdoor photos for now.....!

And since this is Superbowl Sunday, let me leave with a resounding GO EAGLES!


  1. Love the 'we're not looking shots' of the big boys...BOL! That baby just melts the heart.

  2. Cute, cute, cute! First snow for little Mr. no-name (?) is very exciting. And, yes, we’re rooting for “the birds” too. Thank you for thinking of your Facebookless friends,
    Terry & Reg

  3. Such cute puppy photos :D Milo,Jet & Arli

  4. A tiny photo model in the making!

  5. He is so incredibly cute. I love that 2nd to last photo... Perhaps you could name after someone or something related to the Eagles? Just a crazy idea!


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