Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Escape Hatch?

So the other night I heard Cedar making a lot of noise. Something was banging and then a dragging sound. Uh-oh! Of course I and my camera are never far away! You don't let a young pup  wander if you don't want puddles and chewed up stuff!

Here's what I saw....Do you think he was looking for a way out of the kitchen that I wouldn't notice?


  1. Lol...Sneaky little fart. How on earth do you get anything done? Between the cuteness and the mischief?

  2. Yup, happens at our house. Sadly, treasure hunting here only results in the discovery of more fur....

  3. That's so funny! We have the exact same escape hatches at our house! Luckily Rita came to us past that chew-everything stage! :)


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