Thursday, January 11, 2018


On our walk the other morning during our arctic blast, I noticed these weird ice "growths" in one of the tunnels that lets rain run-off channel into our neighborhood lake. Always on the look-out for new photo-ops, I thought these qualified! Another cell phone pic so not the greatest but better than nothing! The weather has since warmed up so they are probably melted away.

Also seen on a walk recently, and posted on FaceBook, was this cute little fox. I took a couple steps closer so I could steady the camera on a tree and off he went, taking no chances that I was a threat.


  1. The first photo is weirdly cool! The second one is lovely.

  2. Those are weird shapes....never seen ice stalagmites before.

  3. Wow! We've never seen ice stalagmites before!

  4. Those tiny ice towers are bizarre! Definitely a cool photo op! And I love your fox!

  5. OMD, I've never seen those coming up through concrete before! Very cool! cute fox! I would have loved to chase the guys...heheheee
    Ruby ♥


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