Sunday, October 29, 2017

Giant Jimmy !!!

Over the summer, you saw where we accidentally shrunk Wilson . Well, in getting him back to normal size some of our experiments might have gone askew.....

Jimmy ended up way too big! Don't know where I'll find enough food for a Corgi this big!

This is NOT photo-shopped! Straight from the camera!

Here he is from another angle......We've created a MONSTER! 
Oh, well! At least it is almost Halloween!

Where's my dinner?!


  1. BOL! He IS a giant! Oh well....more to cuddle. (We'd like to see the peeps trying to sit at that picnic table.)

  2. Hehehe. So cute! He’s ginormous! “Honey, I blew up the dog!”

  3. BOL! OMD, Jimmy, you have GROWN dude! I likes it! nows, did you ever gets your GIANT size dinner??!
    Ruby ♥

  4. LOL....How will you feed all that?

  5. Your photos of Jimmy are wonderful! Not so wonderful that you now have a GIANT cardi—think of all the fur you will be vacuuming and the food you will be buying. Plus the cardi 'tude! Good luck :)

  6. That is SO funny! It's a gigantic Jimmy :) Thanks for a smiling start to my day.


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