Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Prince and the Pea

We are down in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on our usual September trip after the summer rental season ends. It is our chance to enjoy a less busy beach and also clean up after a summer of not-always-so-kind-to-our-condo renters. There is always wear and tear, lots of sand, wall scuffs, you name it messes that need an owner's attention to detail. This year the bedroom carpet was ready to be replaced. A cleaning just wasn't going to cut it so we decided to go with a permanent solution, and have the bedroom tiled. This was the only area with carpet and it was where Jimmy and Wilson would hang out, enjoying the softer floor. We knew tiling in there would mean needing to bring dog beds. I had thrown a few in the hallway while vacuuming up the never ending sand. (I love the beach but not the sand crunching under foot in the condo!)

Here's what I saw when I turned around.....

My Prince!

Now, of course this tile job meant emptying the room of everything. Not only is tile work a hideously dirty job, it takes more than one day to complete. So we had to pile everything from the bedroom into the kitchen/dining room/living room area. The condo isn't big and it was quite the frustrating mess, but once again, Prince Wilson took it in stride.....

Jimmy was loudly demanding breakfast and Wilson was hoping for breakfast in bed.

We've been so busy working around the condo (since the bedroom was empty, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to paint it. Sounds like a great "vacation", doesn't it? LOL!) so I have barely so much as booted up my laptop this past week. I know I missed Wordless Wednesday and have no new ideas for this week either. Gasp! I guess my "W" brain is taking a vacation, too!

Owning a beach condo can be a lot of work but I never get tired of waking up to this.....

Or watching the day end out the back window either, for that matter.....


  1. It does sound like hard work but your photos make me miss the ocean. We used to visit that general area when I was a kid, before I'd even seen mountains. I loved the sea... and I have to go back sometime!

  2. Lol...Roxy does the same thing, always has to be on the highest pile. And, Why Worry about Wordless Wednesday when you are over Whelmed. (I know that's not the right spelling, but it worked.)

  3. Hahaha - he wants ALL the dog beds. That's a lot of work! But long term, it will be worth it. :)

  4. So cute, Wilson on the pile of beds and Jimmy demanding breakfast! And what a gorgeous view! (WIlson Waited While We Worked and Worked, Whittling aWay at our to-do list??) And, no, that doesn't sound like much of a vacation! It's been a while since we did tile work, but it can sure be exhausting. Especially tiling the floor!

  5. So cute. That's a boy who loves his comfort and is an opportunist! We think with all that water, watching and window, you can make WW tomorrow....


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