Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Dog's Dream Come True!

So I was putzing on my laptop, something I am told I do way too much of, when the doorbell rings. There is the usual canine pandemonium that alway ensues. John goes to answer the door, and fend off Jimmy and Wilson from whoever it is that woke them up. I peek out the front window and what do I see?...................(click to enlarge if you can't read the sign)

Truly a dog's dream come true! A door-to-door MEAT salesman! Much to the boys' chagrin, John sent them away......


  1. LOL...No wonder there was so much excitement.

  2. That IS a dream come true! (I've seen those in our 'hood before too. Always seems a little odd to me.... door to door meat sales?? Something sketchy about that...)

  3. ohhh I bet the boys were pissed.

  4. That is a dream come true, for the dogs at least. We have a policy here not to buy ANYTHING at the door.

  5. He turned away the meat sales truck???? Is he out of is mind?

  6. OMD!!!!! MEATS??!!! OMD!!!! WHAT??! Sent them AWAY??! crap.
    Wells, if you see him again, send him my way...I'll gets Ma's Fleasa card, and be all set for the summer!
    Ruby ♥

  7. We had something similar happen, way out in our rural place. We didn't even open the door to them. The dogs were ready to kill us for not buying the entire truckload!

  8. I nose our pawrents sent them away too...What is up wif dat???

    Matt & Matilda


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