Friday, November 11, 2016

Keeping Up with the Kardigans #3

It's been a while since my last edition of Keeping Up with the Kardigans. I looked through my "B" photos and see quite a few have stacked up. As I sit here watching the election results trickle in, I thought I'd distract myself with writing a post. (Obviously I am posting a few days later.)

I'm going to run through the pictures in no particular order....

The other day on FaceBook, one of those silly little apps popped up asking how Van Gogh would paint you. It used your profile photo as the one it "painted". I sort of liked how it turned out so I snipped it out of my page and saved it....

We've been in an awful drought here and it looked like the leaves were just going to shrivel up and drop without their usual show. Well, at the last moment, POW! They turned overnight!

I'll throw in a couple of selfies here. If you've followed me for a while, you know I don't like photos of myself. My selfies are always pretty well disquised and so are these.....

I wish I was still there!

Next up we have Wilson....He's always enjoyed playing fetch with his Chuck-It Squirrel. He was a natural retriever from puppyhood and returned it to my hand with no training at all. Now that he's an old guy, he still wants to play. He will run and get it three or four times, bringing it to me each time. When he's had enough he doesn't return it to me, but instead runs in the house with it. He knows when he's done!

Still in the game, even at 13!

Here's a cute guy from one of our walks. His coloring was particularly vivid.

You may need to enlarge this next one to see it as the colors blend together. Out for a walk, Jimmy snagged a squirrel tail. It must have been left over from a fox's kill. Not much edible there, only fur. He could not have been prouder if he had caught it himself! He pranced along for a couple blocks before finally letting go. Can you see his pride?

Not much to say about this next one other than....How in the world is this comfortable?!

Getting the old stink eye for waking him up!

Don't worry, we are almost to the end! Here's a shot that goes all the way back to late September. We had been playing on the beach for a while, and I called the boys to come follow me for a walk. They made their opinions known.....

A self-imposed time-out in the shade of the umbrella.

And now just one last picture....this is what Halloween looked like at my house...handing out candy and hanging with the neighbors.

WAIT! I missed a photo I wanted to post! Here's is one of me I actually really like. We were at a winery that day....

Have a great weekend, Everyone! Do something fun, get away from the TV and PC, and relax. I think we all need a break! I'll be doing agility both days! Yipee!


  1. Great photos! We were thinking of Picasso's Blue period for that first one. BOL! Funny you had to be at a winery to take a selfie.....just sayin'.

  2. Nice update. Looks like you had some fun memories for the year.

    Shadow, Stealth, and Sarah

  3. Howdy mates. We loved all your photos especially the one of you and your shadow! I wish I had a squirrel tail too, hehe. Thanks for sharing them all. You made us smile today. No worries, and love, Stella x

  4. Love your photos and love your title...much less drama and a lot more class than the other one people seem to like to keep up with.

  5. I absolutely love these post titles, haha! Jimmy does look insanely proud of himself and his bit of tail!

  6. Wow what a great collection of photos 😊

  7. A wonderful collection of photos. Love the squirrel tail and proud Jimmy!

  8. i like the photos of you all the photos are great. you may think im lying but part of the reason i include photos of myself on the blog, other then the obvious vintage clothing obsession is I used to have such a resistance to photos of myself that there is literally no photographg evidence i existed from the ages of 24-32 when i got into clothes i realized that in order to photograph the vintage it had to be me wearing it! You are probably the best photograph i follow online and a real inspiration photo wise I just got so fed up with my cell phone camera that i bought a digital nikon i realy hope it takes better dog and outfit photos

    1. I really appreciate that you like my photographs. It is definitely an artistic outlet for me, even though not every photo turns out. I agree with what you are saying about having no photographic evidence. I try to tolerate the camera now. However, I must confess, without kids of my own, I really don't think it matters much.


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