Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Weekend Report - We are Qualified!

This past weekend was an agility trial given by the Blue Ridge Dog Training Club. This was a one ring trial which usually means a very long day. However they arrange the running order nicely so the Novice and Open classes go first in both Standard and Jumpers. That way the beginner dogs are finished before the Excellent/Masters dogs even start. No getting up at 5AM for this trial! Woohoo! I arrived at 10 on Saturday and 11 on Sunday and I was still had plenty of time to settle in.

Saturday was a great day for us! Jimmy qualified in both of his runs so it was Double-Q #7 toward his PACH#2. Even better, the 30 points we earned in our Standard run was enough to push us over the total needed to qualify for next year's National Championship! Woohoo!!!!! I knew we would get there, but it is very nice to be all set this early in the year. We had until November 30th to meet the requirements, so we are done in plenty of time!

I was lazy about my video camera so I am afraid this will be a rather dull post. Here are Saturday's maps. The trickiest part of our Standard run (blue map) was where you see the two tunnels underneath the dogwalk on the right side of the map. The dogs ran across the dogwalk to a left turn into the tunnel, and then they needed to go into the far end of the 2nd tunnel. I can't beat Jimmy to the end of a tunnel placed like that, he's faster than I am! So steering him into the correct end of the next tunnel was not pretty but we got it done without a refusal called.

I guess I used up all my good karma on Saturday, and on Sunday we had no success at all! That hasn't happened in a while, but since I was still riding on the buzz of qualifying for the NAC, it was not a big deal. Here are Sunday's maps. In our Standard run (yellow map), Jimmy taking the wrong end of a tunnel ended our Q. If you look at the top of the map, you see a tunnel, then the dogwalk, then another tunnel. On that 2nd tunnel, the dog must enter the end further from where the dogwalk comes down. Of course, as the dogs run down the slope of the dogwalk, they often "lock on" to the tunnel end that is staring them in the face. For us, the contact zone at the bottom of the dogwalk is always a challenge, especially when a tempting tunnel is nearby. I knew I would have to get Jimmy's attention as he exited the dogwalk to keep him from just barrelling into the wrong end. But I also needed to be sure I didn't cause him to blow his contact. Amazingly, I did manage to get his attention and turn him toward the other (correct) end. But in his little doggy brain, he was already positive it should be the other (wrong) end. Even though I had him turned, we did a bit of a jig together, Jimmy trying to dodge through my legs to get to the wrong end,. Unfortunately he was successful, and darted past me to disqualify us. It is said that it is always the handler's fault, but for this one it was all on Jimmy! I just laughed. The rest of the run was clean, of course! In Jumpers it was the handler's fault! I didn't do a good job lining Jimmy up for the weave pole entrance and he went in at the 2nd pole. Totally on me!

Since I don't like a post without pictures, I have this.....A lot of the clubs give out dog toys as part of the perks for entering their trial. You never know what will be in the mix they put out. Going for its uniqueness, I chose this. There has to be a Hump Day joke in there somewhere!

AKC Nationals 2017: Perry, GA
Double-Q's: 10 (out of 7 needed)
Points: 573 (out of 550 needed) We qualified on 07/09/2016 !!!

Tracking Jimmy's PACH 2 progress:
Very 1st Double-Q: Sunday 5/1/2016
Masters JWW legs: 43...MJP Title 01/25/15 MJPB 10/11/15
Masters STD legs: 40...MXP Title!10/24/14 MXPB 10/11/15
Double Q's: 7 (out of 20 needed)
PACH Points: 792 (We are starting with all the points we need, so I'm not even going to track them!)


  1. Well Done!!!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Good job! Having only ever done agility for fun I can only speak for that experience, but IMO running with a dog on a course is hard! They are SO fast, and it is really hard when you have tunnels under something and need to redirect. Like you said, the dog has already zeroed in...So you are already set for next year and it's just July. It sounds to me like you are having an epic year.


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