Sunday, May 29, 2016

Black and White Sunday: Keeping a Nose on the Neighborhood

We've all heard the expression "to keep an eye on.....something" Well, if you are a dog with that incredibly sensitive nose, keeping a nose on the neighborhood is probably just as effective. Here's Wilson, happily sitting indoors on a hot day, with the storm door cracked open just enough, whiffing in the passing scents.


  1. That is too funny. I can see Torrey doing that. She is incredibly scent oriented.

  2. That's great! We've never thought of having a nose on something. So appropriate.

  3. Way to go Wilson. The nose knows for a dog.

  4. Looks like Wilson is taking his job very seriously.

    I need to keep our doors closed so Sampson doesn't run out and reinjure himself. So whenever Delilah gets all riled up to go out, I have to hold him back and take him out after she's calmed down. They love to run the fence line to chase the deer.

  5. I love it! Wilson is a perfect nosy neighbor. :)

    Honey likes to sit in the cockpit at the dock. Sometimes she'll just lift her head and sniff the air. I would love to know what interesting thing she's noticed.


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