Saturday, March 19, 2016

Jimmy Update

I thought I'd give an update on where Jimmy is with his injury. We had good news. He's doing great and the chiro vet felt it was only a mild strain. She said I should rest him a couple more weeks and then it should be OK to try agility again. Walks are fine and maybe try to get a bit of weight off of him! Holy Moly, I've never had a chubby dog before! Shame on me....I'll blame it on the winter ;-)

I have a few cute photos to share from our oh, so short weekend at the beach....

So this weekend is the AKC National Agility Championship (NAC) down in Tulsa, OK. That's a very long drive from me (like 20 plus hours) and with a new job I just couldn't take that much time off. I did sign up for it on the off chance it worked out but alas I must be content with the live-stream on the AKC website.

To ward off a case of the blues from not going, I signed up for a local trial this weekend. With Jimmy's injury, I could not attend that one either. Talk about burning through some serious entry fee money! These events have a closing date, and if you don't pull your entry before that date, there are no refunds. C'est la vie! But, hey, here's Jimmy's name on the roster at the NAC, proof that we got in!

Plus, all that really matters is that Jimmy will be OK and is well on his way to being healed! Yay!


  1. I've been traveling and just learned about Jimmy's injury. I am so sorry but selfishly I am glad I found out about in time to know that he will be fine! Phew and hooray! And that smile on Jimmy... it is SO contagious!

  2. Oh, this is indeed good news!! Yea!!! I'll send you some extra POTP and healin' vibes dude. Hey my vettie says I needs to lose five pounds...I pawsonally thinks his scale is broken, so Gpa still sneaks me goodies...drives Ma nuts!!!! Anyhu, heal up so you can gets back in action!
    Ruby ♥

  3. Great shots....that's an impressive tail! Roxy is nearly back to normal. It has taken about 6 weeks to get this far, so just let Jimmy take it easy. (Roxy also had reduced rations.)

  4. I, Chester, am told that I need to drop some poundage too. I don't believe it. I say it's all muscle! Hope Jimmy feels better soon!


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