Sunday, March 27, 2016

Better Than a Chocolate Easter Bunny???

It's that time again! Here's my review of my March product....

This month I chose Evanger's Beef Liver, an all-purpose treat as it is for both dogs and cats! I don't have a cat so I can't give their opinion, and I'm quite sure my boys would not want to share these even if I did!

These treats don't have much smell to them and they are wafer-thin. They do break up quite nicely into small pieces so they would make a very good training treat. Most of the pieces were about the same size and this photo should give you an idea of the size. They are not chewy like jerky but also not as crumbly as a biscuit.

Here's Jimmy, trying to decide which item belongs in his Easter Basket.....

Of course it was no contest whatsoever! He knocked the Evanger's Beef Liver to the floor and pretty well slimed the package with drool! (and of course, he would never be allowed to choose the chocolate Easter bunny anyway! Dogs can't have chocolate as we all know!)

Have no worries, Wilson got his chance at sampling these goodies as well.......He moved so fast, I couldn't get a clear picture!

So there you have it, another good wholesome treat, made in the USA. This one is worthy of being in your dog's Easter Basket! Thank you for letting us try this one and having this great blogger review program!

Happy Easter, Everyone!

And of course my disclaimer: All opinions in this post are mine and those of my dogs. I was not compensated other than being given a free product to try. is not at all responsible for what I wrote!


  1. Those look very yummy! Hope you have a happy Easter!

  2. Happy Easter! Those look fantastic! I bet the girls would like them! :D

  3. YUM! We think those are better than Chocolate!

  4. Happy Happy Easter!!!
    and, OMD, those are most DELISH!!! They are one of my favs!
    Ruby ♥

  5. Nummy, hope your easter was great.

  6. Happy Belated Easter! I bet that liver made your day!!!!

  7. We use beef lung and I'm telling you, they go ape sh*t for it. :-)


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