Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My "State of the Blog Address"

Here at the start of a new year, as well as when the annual Pet Bloggers Challenge  is ongoing, and even the Presidential State of the Union, it seems fitting to see where things are here on A Tail of Two Cardis.

You've probably noticed things seem a bit slow. There was a time I could be counted on to post several times a week. That winnowed down to just a couple, and now I am thrilled if I can still come up with Wilson's Wordless Wednesday! I'm not really sure why. If you recall, back in late July, I was laid off from my job. While that seems like it should have given me endless time to blog, I learned  I didn't want to squander my new freedom in front of my PC! When not job hunting, I wanted to be outside, enjoying daylight, getting exercise (it was so wonderful not to sit all day, everyday!), and even doing long neglected household chores. While I still lugged my camera everywhere I went, I didn't use it very often. I think the very best part of these last six months has been all the extra time I could spend with the dogs. Wilson will soon be 13 and while that's not super old for a corgi, I do see the signs of old age. One thing's for sure, the dogs and I definitely got in better shape!

I didn't really want to run through the questions asked by the Pet Bloggers Challenge. I don't write this blog for the purpose of teaching about dogs or promoting dog related products. I do love writing my monthly Chewy.com review as it is a good challenge to come up with something fresh and hopefully interesting. They really do seem to be a great company so I am happy to help spread the word. The only true reason I blog is so I will have this long history of my day-to-day life with my dogs. Those memories can slip away so easily. With this blog I will be able to look back and remember specific days and special moments. In the agility world, we frequently remind ourselves to enjoy each and every time you step to the line with your dog. Love the moment, no matter how the run turns out, because you never know when it will be your very last run. That's what my blog is really all about....enjoying the moments, those silly little blocks of time when your dog does something to make you laugh, or licks your tears away on a bad day. I absolutely adore getting comments and knowing other people enjoy my blog  (Thank you so much!), but in all honesty this blog is for me.

I have no concrete goals for 2016. I hope I can keep rolling forward, posting when I can. I don't want to stress over whether I have a post or not. It will just happen when it happens. I truly hope you all will keep visiting. I love all my invisible friends! When I started blogging I never would have guessed there was a friendship side to all of this, but certainly there is!

Enough blathering on, you don't come here for that.....This is what you come here for!!!!

There's a reason Cardigan Corgis are called clowns. With no prodding from me, Jimmy put on a show today! Enjoy!


  1. That video is a riot. I have to admit, your blog and others like it - that just document life with dogs - are my favorite to read.

    I didn't feel like answering the PBC questions either - since I don't monetize my blog or care about my stats - but I should have done like you did and just did a quick State of the Blog address. (Although the state of the blog is barely hanging in there at the moment... speaking of which, I should probably go try and crank out a quick WW post!)

  2. I love the leg lift at the end.

  3. You herd those swings, Jimmy. Just watch out for the merry-go-rounds.

    I'm glad you've made the most of your unplanned free time. I love blogging. But it's one part of life. And it's always a good thing to enjoy being out and about with dogs.

    Hope you keep posting as it fits your life. We all need our Jimmy and Wilson fixes.

  4. Jimmy is a riot!

    Loved reading this kind of post!

  5. BOL!!! OMD, Jimmy, you clamp on to that swing, like I do a margarita glass! BOL!!!! I loves your bloggie, and I agree, I don't ever try to educate anybody abouts anythings...well, except maybe some instructions on how to gets into trouble! hehehehe
    Anyhu, Ma found the same thing when her puter died...there was TONS of thingies she needed to do..mainly clean!!!! OMD, don't gets me started! ☺
    I hopes you always blog, no matter how sparse. I loves you guys, and I hopes your Moms job hunt is successful, butts til then, enjoy!
    Ruby ♥

  6. Great post, we didn't do the blogger challenge, either.

    That video of Jimmy is super cute! :D

  7. That video of Jimmy is hilarious!!! I love that he only got a "hey!" at the end when he lifted his leg! So...chewing on a swing okay, but urinating on the equipment is bad form??!! You are so funny! I didn't do the challenge either. My blog is a keepsake of Blueberry moments and nothing more. That's good enough for me. :)

  8. Taryn - I enjoyed the post. While I'm not really blogging much (at all?) now, I agree with you that the beauty of the blog is to be able to look back at the great things, and challenges, of life with dogs. Things do just slip away, and it's fun to remember what it was like at the time.

  9. I love that video. Jimmy made me laugh!!!! He is a clown!

    I feel the same way as you about blogging - I have no higher mission in doing it so it's best to do what makes me happy. I hope that you do the same!!!!! I enjoy your blog every time I visit.

  10. And I thought it was just me who is in the blogging doldrums! I don't know why either. Part of it is due to me having become quite active on Instagram about 10 months ago. Just posting a daily photo and trying to make that interesting, then replying to comments and commenting on other people's photos takes up a LOT of time. It's very similar to blogging in many ways. Thanks to Facebook I manage to keep up with what a lot of my favourite bloggers are up to (it's where I saw your blog post update!) but actually visiting blogs generally gets put into the 'too hard/haven't got time' baskets. But hey, I made it here today and it wasn't too hard :) I might get back into the swing of things yet.

    Loved Jimmy's video and wow, Wilson is nearly 13! He looks and is amazing.

  11. That video ... HAHA!!!! A swing makes the perfect tug object! As you know we do love your blog and the inspiration you've given us to pursue agility (something I always wanted to try but never could get the nerve to try). We will be here whenever you do post to see what crazy things Jimmy is doing, what Wilson is doing on Wordless Wednesday and of course your agility journey. I, too, have found blogging hard last year and that's why I just posted pictures when I could. I know I missed several weeks of that as well. You have to do this for yourself or there isn't any point in doing it!

  12. Hilarious!!!! I luffed it Jimmy, i gave that swing a good barking fur you as well
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx
    PeeS Dad called it talking to my mates by video link!

  13. Oh Jimmy, don't tell William about swings and things!

  14. That is too funny. Blogging because you want to, is the only way to go.


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