Sunday, January 24, 2016

Anatomy of a Back Ache!

First, here is where the storm finally ran out of steam:

This is not normal for Northern Virginia. Many winters we get nothing more than a dusting. I'd prefer something in the middle, say a foot. This was just plain insane!

We had A LOT of work to get my car and even worse, the driveway, cleared of snow. There is nowhere to put this much snow!

No matter how fit you are, this has got to result in a sore and tired back.....

The driveway looks great now, even fully dried from the warm afternoon sun. However, the court outside my driveway is a whole other issue....

The neighborhood Home Owners Assoc. is responsible for our little court of five houses, and the road it leads to gets cleared by the state DOT. VDOT hasn't been seen today so as a result the HOA can't get to the court. We still won't be going anywhere despite all our work!


  1. Why is your car not in the garage? I love our garage!

    1. The garage is where the jetski and 2 motorcyles live ;-)

  2. Oh wow! That is a ton of snow! You did a great job with the driveway! The last time I saw that much snow was when I was a teen and we lived in the mountains in Cali.. We got 3 feet of snow one year and went 2 weeks without power. I hope that was it for the storm for you and that they get the roads plowed soon!

  3. Well....if you can't go anywhere, sit back and relax!

  4. I have no words. That is just incredible.

  5. I cannot believe you did all that! The problem with that much snow is that it "sets up" if it's not cleared right away. That's why we ended up needing a front-end loader to clear our 1/4 mile driveway after a 7' snowstorm. It took about 4 days before the county cleared our road so we couldn't get our driveway cleared until after the snow had "set up". I hope VDOT gets to your area soon!

  6. Crikey ..... that's like the road to nowhere only it's the driveway to nowhere, aye?? It might be insane but OMD it is soooooooo beautiful. Mum and I sure would like to see that!! Thanks for the pictures. That's as close as we are EVER going to get.

  7. Wow. I think I'd put the motorcycles and jet ski in the living room, during the next storm!

  8. Wowza, that looks like a huge job! I'd be too tired to go anywhere after all that anyway! Hope your street gets cleared soon!


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