Sunday, November 15, 2015

We Won a New Collar!!!!

Back on October 21st, Mary of Tales From the Backroad did a review and giveaway of a handmade collar from a company called If It . Well, I was the lucky winner! Yippee! Let me say a big THANK YOU to both Mary and the good folks at If It Barks!

I chose to get a new collar for Jimmy. I wasn't playing favorites, it was just that his collar was more worn out than Wilson's. I like the martingale style collar because both my corgis will have stubborn moments where they try to go in an opposite direction than what I intend. Before using a martingale, they had slipped out of their collars. That can be very dangerous if you are near a busy street!

While they offer a wonderful selection of pre-made collars, I decided to design my own color combo. I have a nice leash for Jimmy that I wanted to match. It is shades of purple so that is what I chose for the collar.....

The thin stripe that looks white is actually a paler purple. The light was so bright it fooled my camera.

It is a very nicely made collar with quality hardware and nice fabric. Jimmy's fur is very thick so once the collar settles in, it's hard to see. I took these pictures as soon as I put it on Jim's neck so you could see how pretty it is. Plus, it's good to know the collar is machine washable because I'm sure Jimmy will find a way to get it dirty.

You can also get leashes made to match your collar choice. In my case, the collar I chose was a great color match for the leash I already had! Nice!

This is a really well-made product , it was lots of fun to design, and I feel like I got an early Christmas gift!


  1. That's a great color combo!! Love it.

  2. OMD, that is one FABulous collar!!! Fancy smancy!!! Purple looks very good on you!!! CONGRATS!!!
    Ruby ♥

  3. Nice! That looks fantastic on Jimmy! It must be your lucky week! Stop by PoochSmooches!

  4. Handsome. Purple looks great against his black fur. And purple is for princes.

  5. I really love that color combination! Excellent choice!


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