Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Weekend Report: Farewell to a Beautiful Farm

This weekend was an agility trial given by the Talbot Kennel Club. I've talked about how gorgeous this spot is before, like here, here, and here. I've gone every year since I started trialing 8 or more years ago. The farm is a small slice of heaven on Earth. Beautiful scenery made even better by being on a waterway off of the Chesapeake Bay. The day started out with light rain and luckily moved on to just cloudy and then even sunny! When I arrived at the trial, I soon learned that this was the last time the club would be holding their trial at this location. The unpredictability of the weather has made attendance drop off over the last few years. Without enough entry fees, the club just can't afford to stay. So they have chosen a new location....one with a roof. It is even further away for me, so I won't be going. But for me it is the loss of visiting this farm that really hurts. I will truly and deeply miss having the opportunity to spend a day there. I never really cared how my agility turned out so long as I could enjoy the farm. SIGH......

Our friend Chris and her cute Cardigan Quigley rode with us to the trial. We wandered around looking for photo-ops....

The Tres Amigos!

So how did the agility turn out, you might wonder? Well, we could not pull off a double-Q. Jimmy did qualify in Standard and earned 1st place and another 23 points. We had a very rare weave pole meltdown in our Jumpers run that cost us the Q. No worries, as we went off to walk the farm after that. You just can't sulk when you are surrounded by so much beauty!

Farewell, Spring Cove Farm! May you forever stay a beautiful piece of undeveloped land!

PS I hear they do Barn Hunt at the farm....I'll definitely be looking into that when Jimmy is done earning his PACH ;-)

Tracking Jimmy's PACH progress:
Very 1st Double-Q: Saturday 06/21/2014
Masters JWW legs: 27...MJP Title 01/25/15 MJPB 10/11/15
Masters STD legs: 27...MXP Title!10/24/14 MXPB 10/11/15
Double Q's: 16
PACH Points: 1231

AKC Nationals 2016:
Double-Q's: 9 (out of 5 needed)
Points: 713 (out of 600 needed)....We QUALIFIED!!! 10/11/15
Masters Legs: 32 (out of 20 needed)


  1. What a beautiful place. And beautiful photos.

  2. What gorgeous photos! I love the llamas (alpacas?)!

  3. Such a beautiful spot! Too bad the events won't be there anymore!

  4. It's such a gorgeous place. Thought the first photo was a painting from the thumbnail. So sad you won't be visiting often.


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