Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Weekend Report

Another fun weekend of agility! One of these days I must get back to using the video camera so I can prove it!

Saturday was a very successful day, racking up Double-Q #16 toward the 20 we need for our PACH title. Jimmy earned a 2nd place in Standard, getting his butt handed to him by his arch-rival and girl dog, Twist. I thought we were moving fast, but she beat our time by almost 4 seconds! That's an eternity in agility!

In Jumpers, we had a nice speedy run, earning 23 points and first place.  It was one of those runs that just feel right!

Saturday's maps:

Sunday, the Standard run was going well until the tire. During our walk-thru, I told myself the tire needed more support than it looked like. I guess I psyched myself out because sure enough, that's where we went wrong! After that, as someone else said, the rest was a train wreck. We were both so discombobulated, lots more mistakes happened. It was really pretty funny!

The Jumpers course went better. With no double-Q on the line, I was more relaxed and didn't over-think it. I ran it just for fun, trying things that I wouldn't normally do. I rear-crossed everything! Not one front-cross as is my usual instinct and it ran wonderfully! A Sheltie we don't see too often was running in our class, and if he qualifies, he WINS! And so he did. There's no out running a drivey dog 15 pounds lighter than a Cardigan!

Sunday's map:

Tracking Jimmy's PACH progress:
Very 1st Double-Q: Saturday 06/21/2014
Masters JWW legs: 27...MJP Title 01/25/15 MJPB 10/11/15
Masters STD legs: 26...MXP Title!10/24/14 MXPB 10/11/15
Double Q's: 16
PACH Points: 1208

AKC Nationals 2016:
Double-Q's: 9 (out of 5 needed)
Points: 690 (out of 600 needed)....We QUALIFIED!!! 10/11/15
Masters Legs: 31 (out of 20 needed)

In other agility news, Jimmy held onto his ranking as the #2 fastest 8 inch Preferred* Cardigan for the 3rd quarter. Go, Jimmy, Go!

*Preferred refers to the class Jimmy runs in. There is the Regular class where he would jump a 12 inch jump which is the height he earned his MACH at, and then the Preferred class allows the dogs to jump one jump height lower than they measure into. This is the class he will earn his PACH in. 8 and 12 inches doesn't sound very high, I know, but when you only measure 12 inches at the withers, it's not so low to the dog!

And another photo from my hike in the Shenandoah National Park:


  1. Well, I would GIVE you the PACH title just fur being such handsome fellas!!!!
    Great work this weekend and of course the best bit wuz you all had funs, can't beat it!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. He is just going so well! Congratulations.

  3. Way to go!!! Jimmy rocks and so do you. However, I must respond to the "girl dog" comment. I think that girl dogs are almost always faster than boy dogs. So there!! :)

    Love the photo from your hike. Just beautiful.

  4. Congrats! I'm so glad I found this blog- love the agility aspect. I started agility with my sheltie a few years ago and we're absolutely hooked. Bit of slow progress as we're learning together, but we're getting there. Shiloh just earned his Masters Bronze Jumpers recently, and only needs a couple more for the same in Standard. We have 9 QQs and 694 MACH points... those double Qs are the hard part! They came very, very slowly at first, but the rate has gone up and I'm hoping it will continue. I just discovered the Breed Power 10 not too long ago, and Shiloh has been holding his position as the #1 20" Shetland Sheepdog in AKC. Not quite as impressive considering there's only 6 qualifying 20" shelties, but I'm still proud of my boy =) I look forward to your updates!

  5. Awesome that is SO awesome, congratulations. I stewarded a rally event once and decided that I would not be able to remember everything! LOL Maybe I could have before my brain took a break. ;-)


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