Thursday, September 24, 2015

Follow-up to Yesterday's Post

I thought I would give a bit of a follow-up to yesterday's post showing Wilson on our jetski.....

Jackie  asked if the boys needed training to ride on the jetski, or just took to it. For Wilson it was pretty much a hop on and go experience. He LOVES to swim, and he quickly learned that the jetski means he will get to go swimming. I don't think he loves the ride so much as where it takes him. He does enjoy the wind in his face so when we get up to speed, he does tend to lean into the rushing air. We always hold on tightly to his vest once we get going. Both boys started as young dogs, going on short trips. I think Wilson being at ease with it first showed Jimmy it was no big deal. Plus there was no way Jimmy would miss out on anything fun that Wilson was doing! And have no worries, we are all about safety! The boys always wear vests and we only take them along on weekdays when the waterway is much less busy. That way the water is calmer with less wakes to dodge and bounce through.

In this photo, while we were moving through a "No Wake" zone, you can see how relaxed Wilson is about the whole thing. His head is resting on the edge of the jetski.

Our jetski is a big 3-seater, so Jimmy rides up top, in between John and me. His confidence level isn't quite as high as Wilson's so he prefers to sit in my lap. Once again, he's all suited up in a life vest, and I keep a good grip on him. Here's my view as we are riding along.....

Even though he doesn't like it quite as much as Wilson, he does relax into it as you can see here.....

When we get to where we are going, that is when they really wake up! We must hold on very tightly or they will dive overboard in order to get the real fun going!

I really wish I had a photo of all of us on board from an outsider's perspective. We must be quite the sight.  I know we get plenty of smiles and pointing from the other boaters.

And here are the boys, enjoying the fruits of their ride......

And, yep!, we even bring along a beach umbrella to be sure the boys have plenty of shade when they are ready for a break. It is amazing how much stuff you can bring along on the jetski!

Did I leave any questions unanswered? If so, leave them in the comments and I'll reply with the answer.......


  1. So much fun! And a little island all to yourself it seems. That makes it even better!

  2. I finks Wilson and Jimmy were having a pawtastic time...yay!!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. We bet you get lots of turned heads. A fantastic family day out!

  4. SO fun! I would love to see the four of you cruise by! Thanks for answering! :)

  5. Beach umbrella picture is the best :)

  6. I love the beach umbrella!!!! Your description makes lots of sense. It does sound like you keep them super safe.

    I had a SAR dog years ago, and we were invited to try searching for cadavers under water. That involved my dog sitting on the bow of the boat and sniffing. The big problem was that she didn't want to stay on the bow - she wanted to swim! We stuck with land searches after that test!

  7. I think it's great that you have such a fun way to enjoy the water together. :)

    Loved seeing how it all comes together.

  8. We are so jealous! What a blast
    Lily & Edward

  9. That looks like so much fun, for all of you. We went kayaking the other day for the first time. We want to get kayaks and we want to be able to take the dogs too.

  10. How wonderful to share that experience with your dogs! They do look like they're happy to be on-board. And it's great to see all of the safety precautions you take, too.

  11. I think Sampson would do it, but I think trying to restrain Delilah would be oh so challenging....she sees water and she loses her mind.

    Thanks for following up!


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