Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wilson Was Whipple! and Wilson is Whipple! on Wordy Wednesday

Today's post is too cryptic to let it go as Wordless, so today I give you a Wordy Wednesday!

First and foremost, I'd like to give credit for today's inspiration. In last week's Wimple installment,  a comment from Chasing Dog Tales mentioned Wilson could have a new nickname, Mr. Wimple. Well it was only a very short jump to that old advertisement from the 60's and 70's (I of course remember the 70's version, not possibly the 60's version. LOL)  where Mr.Whipple was admonishing his customers to please not squeeze the Charmin. Well, guess what I discovered as I did a little homework for today's post??? In real life, Mr.Whipple was Mr.Wilson !!!! His name was Dick Wilson . How wonderful is that coincidence for my blog theme?!

Mr.Whipple...err...Mr.Wilson, exhausted from Squeezing the Charmin!


  1. Absolutely hilarious--and so clever!!

  2. He was a professional TP squeezer for many many years. What a job.

  3. LOL!!! That's so funny!! I love your Wilson posts!

  4. No…really…Mr Wilson is Mr Whipple!!!!! Hilarious
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  5. OMD! What a blast from the past. SHE remembers that ad!

  6. Hahahaha - I totally forgot about the Charmin guy! I remember squeezing our toilet paper like that to mimic the commercial. I also used to pretend I was the guy in the Mountain Dew (I think that was it) commercial and would pretend I was sitting on a stool at a bar and stuff my mouth full of chips and then chase it with refreshing Mtn Dew. Hehehehe

  7. I am laughing out loud!!! We love Mr. Whipple, errr, Mr. Wilson!!!!

  8. I remember Mr. Whipple. I thought those commercials were so bizarre. Thirty plus years later, I can't believe how weird toilet paper commercials have gotten.

    Why couldn't they just post a picture of Wilson up on the screen with a tag line of the toilet paper brand?

  9. How can you just LAY there with those tasty toilet paper rolls in your paws??!!
    Shred!!! Shred!!!
    Ruby ♥


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