Sunday, July 27, 2014

What Do Ours Dogs Think We Are Doing When We Sing Along to the Radio?

I have a confession to make. I love to sing along to the radio when I'm driving my car (alone of course!).  But, truth be told, I can't carry a tune to save my life. Was someone listening in, I'm sure it would sound something like a cat fight or maybe frogs croaking. Singing is a gift you are born with, and that one truly did not come my way! But that doesn't stop me from going right along with whatever song is playing, be it a contemporary pop song, or classic rock.  I do wonder what Jimmy and Wilson must think I am doing. Do they ride in the back thinking I am lonely and howling my whereabouts to the other members of my pack? Maybe they think I'm in pain. It sure could sound like that. LOL!

I remember many years ago (think 80's), I was driving to New Jersey with my dear boy Dylan in my Honda Prelude. It had bucket seats so when he was sitting down, he was below the window level. I had the radio blaring to a David Lee Roth song and Dylan started to howl. I got a kick out of that and started singing along, too. I was belting it out at the top of my lungs , smiling at how adorable Dylan was being. The next thing I knew, a car whizzed by me in the left lane. It was full of young guys about my age and they were all laughing and clapping at my animated singing! They couldn't see Dylan in his low spot, that he was singing along with me, so it looked like I was just some random nutjob. (On second thought, I guess I would still have looked like a nutjob even if they could have seen Dylan!) Don't forget, there were no cell phones and blue tooth back then. It was all me by myself. I was really quite embarrassed but I tried to play it off and just waved. My face was probably crimson red!

Now days, you can't tell if someone is talking on the phone or singing along. Those cells phone provide good cover for looking silly!

So how about you? Do you sing in your car? 
What do your dogs think about it?

She's making that NOISE again! Quick, drown it out!


  1. I sing to my dogs all the time, mostly without music!

  2. You're also lucky they couldn't take a video and have it go viral...BOL! What a funny story.

  3. I have my own rule about no radio on in the car if a dog is with me. I guess I just feel like there's already sensory overload with smells and other sounds, why add to it? Blueberry's already not the calmest passenger, I think my singing may push her over the edge. ;)

  4. Occasionally my dogs will sing along with an ambulance going by so they probably think it is just natural for humans to sing along with something that sounds like a human voice.

  5. We don't have to drive much over here so no real singing I'm afraid but we chuckled at your story. Just as well we don't do drive/singing as we can't carry a tune to save our lives. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly


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