Friday, June 27, 2014

#FuelTheCure Bloghop!

When I read about the #FuelTheCure blog hop, I wanted to be sure I put up a post that would add to the tally! The way it works, Zuke's will contribute $5 to The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund for every blogger who joins this hop. Just post a photo of your dog(s)  enjoying life. It can't get much easier than that! But, wait! That's not all! There's a chance to win some Zuke's treats as well!

Here's how the contest will work......

Prizes will be awarded to blog hop participants as follows:
  • US Only: Zuke's will choose their favorite photo out of all the US links in the hop. One winner will receive 5 bags of Zuke's treats of their choice.
  • UK & Canada: Zuke's and/or Oz will choose their favorite photo out of all the UK/Canada links in the hop. One Winner will receive 1 bag (or possibly 2) of Zuke's treats from Oz's personal stash. 
  • Fan Favorite: the One Fan Favorite will receive 1 bag of Zuke's treats from Oz's personal stash.
When you link to the hop, in the "Name Required" field please put your name or blog name and either US, UK, CA as this will help determine your contest entry - ex. "A Tail of Two Cardis - US."

Now if you have been following the adventures of Wilson and Jimmy for any length of time, you probably know that their favorite thing in life is to swim. So here they are, LOVIN' LIFE!

Thank you to OZ the Terrier for hosting this awesome blog hop and Zuke's for fueling the cure!!

So what are you waiting for? Get hopping! Blog hopping, that is!


  1. Whoa! Not just an ordinary swim...a swim with big stick fetch! That is great and they both look like they are having a SUPER time. Thank you for hopping with me for a great cause. Have a terrierific weekend, pals.

  2. Swimming with sticks! Fabulous.

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  3. Such a cute pic! Hooray for another $5 to fight cancer!

  4. Such a great picture! I think I will join this hop!

  5. I can't stop grinning over that picture of them swimming together with the stick!

  6. I just love that picture! And this time of year that is a great activity.

  7. I wish I'd known!!!! Your photo is fabulous!

  8. Super loving life photo, my gang loves to swim too.


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