Tuesday, January 21, 2014

You Be The Judge

Crazy Dog Lady or Not ????

A couple of weeks back, Pamela at Something Wagging This Way Comes wrote a post about 12 Weird Things Dog Lovers Do . It was a very fun post and the comments were wonderful! The first comment that came to my mind was the way I have stickers on my car relating to my dogs and agility, as well as leaving my car permanently set up for traveling with the dogs. But then another thought occurred to me, and I left this comment a couple of days later:

I thought of another one…..Having your house decorated with countless framed photographs of your dogs….We had friends come over who had never been in our house…The wife made a comment like “wow, you really have a lot of pictures of your dogs around”…..and (to myself) I was like “and your point is?”. Really, it had never occurred to me. It just seemed normal :-)

So I thought I'd take a photo inventory of my house and see what you all think.......

1) The Powder Room: This is the photo that got me thinking....

This is a photo of  my first Cardi Dylan.
(The other one is me in front of the Casino in Monte Carlo. What a place!)

2) The Family Room: Two pictures under the TV.....

At least this one has a person in it!
3) The Kitchen: On the side of the fridge....

4) The Basement: Surprisingly just one, Dylan as a little pup.....

5) The Upstairs Hallway: Again just one, but it is a rather small area....

And a mini-self-portrait. There I am in the mirror.

6) The Guest Bedroom: And yet another lonely photo all by itself....

Bronco-bucking Jimmy

7) The Dog Bedroom: This is the other guest bedroom but it's where Wilson and Jimmy spend a lot of their time surveying the neighborhood. It stays in a permanent state of "too furry" to ever actually house a guest!

Beautiful Cardi-themed frame by Barbie Sonnett

Bottom shelf of the night stand.
Wilson had his moment in the agility sun, too!

Top of the night stand.
That's Jimmy's QQ#19 hanging on the lamp.

Yes, Barbie made this one, too!

8) The Master Bedroom: All three of my Cardis have representation in here.....

Dylan again

The one photo I didn't take and wish I did. It's a great shot!
You would have to see it in person, but the light is wonderful.


9) The Office: And the room that wins for most dog photos ( and I even skipped two that were up too high!)

Okay, by the time I had taken, edited, and then pulled all theses photos into Blogger, I pretty much knew my answer to whether I'm a crazy dog lady or not....but...what do you say? Crazy? Yay or Nay?


  1. Nay, you can never have too many we say. Our study is full of portraits and some photos and that s the way we like it. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. We don't see anything wrong....although that lion, being a cat looks out of place...BOL!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. Enjoy your blog. Not crazy at all. They are your four legged children aren't they? Not a techie person so not sure of the comment as drop down.

  4. Dang - this could be a blog hop! I'm sure we are all pretty much the same - and now I feel the need to do a similar post!

    Love those special cardi frames! Very nice!

  5. I try to peek into the photos you post to see if I can see the framed photos of your dogs. It makes me yearn for your talent! And I am proud to say I have a beautiful, framed photo of W&J in my living room.

  6. Now just wondered what your guest might have made of a comment (to her, at her house) like: wow, you really have a lot of pictures of [your children/your parents/each other] around"....

  7. ive got literally photos in rows(8 by 10) and 24 by 30 of my dogs all over my entire house, there is no wall space its all our agility dogs! i think your way normal

  8. Wow I loved seeing all those! I am horrible - I spend all my time photographing and then I shock people when I tell them I do not have one single printed photo of my dogs. This year I have sworn to change that. I am forever working on each dog's photobook but they will not go to print till they are older as I want a start to finish leather bound book of each.

  9. All those pictures are great! Every inch of our house is papered in pictures of our dogs and paintings of them as well, also tons of pictures of our cats. I want to set up our spare bedroom as a doggie bedroom with a chest of drawers for their clothes, pretty crazy, and a bunch of cat trees for the cats. So I say you are very normal!

    retro rover

  10. Looks totally normal to me! All of them are great photos. I especially love the one of Baby Jim.


  11. I just counted, and I have 14 framed and/or canvas photos of my dogs on display, plus 4 on the fridge, and about 5 on my locker at work. There is nothing wrong with this ; )

  12. Welcome to the club! Does it make you feel better to know that I have pictures of our dogs on canvas? lol

  13. Hah, that is a lot of pictures! But they are great photos. We only have one family photo with Duke in it up, but that's more because we haven't had the time to print and frame any pictures and less that we don't want pictures of him up!

  14. I love it!!

    P.S. Is that a Robert Bateman?

    1. Good eyes! Yes, it is a Robert Bateman, from back in the early 90s. I went through a "buy real art" phase back then, so I have a couple of his prints along w/ Bev Doolittle, Alan Hunt, and Charles Wysocki.

    2. I have a few of his prints, love his work!

  15. It's all about the dog lady! No neg stigma there :D You can never have too many pictures!

  16. I have most of my dog photos in collage type frames as I doubt I'd have places for them all in individual frames! In the past year or so I've discovered canvas prints and that's my thing with photos these days. I've got 3 A3 sized prints just waiting for me to choose the photos ... but it's so hard when you take as many photos as I do! I don't think you're crazy at all :)


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