Friday, September 6, 2013

Where There's a Will, There's a Way

In the past, I've talked about the boys liking to perch in the front guest bedroom and watch the goings on. This is especially true of Wilson. He truly loves to keep an eye out for neighborhood activity.

When we went to Ithaca, NY this past July, the hotel had The.Most.Comfortable.Bed! It was amazing and it inspired me to do some mattress shopping. I won't even tell you how old the mattress was in the master bedroom, that's how bad it was! And the guest bedroom had the cheapest mattress just about that you could buy! So off I went, in search of new mattresses.

The mattress at the La Tourelle Resort was a pillow-top. I had never slept on one like that before.  Most mornings I wake up with a back ache, but not on the nights at the La Tourelle. If you read the hotel reviews, everyone raves about their mattresses! So that is what I went in search of......I didn't have the exact model, but knew it was a Simmons. So after checking several of the local mattress stores, I found a mattress I Sears! Believe it or not, they had the best price! So I make the purchase, one for the master bedroom and one for the guest bedroom (aka, the dogs' room). No! Lest you think I bought a new mattress just for the dogs, I wanted a good one for guests and also for me! I often don't sleep well, and move to the guest room to read/fidget/whatever.

So everything is set and I am just waiting for delivery. The day arrives and the delivery guys take away the old mattresses and bring in the new, including new box springs, of course. And that's when I learned a critical new fact! Holy Moly! Pillow top mattresses are WAY taller than standard style mattresses! The bed in the master bedroom was already a very high set four-poster colonial style. Now with this new mattress it was higher than my hips! It looked ridiculous! I go look in the guest room, and, oh, boy, of course I see the same problem, just not quite as bad due to the height of the bed. It never ever occurred to me to ask, and the salesman didn't volunteer the info, that pillow tops need a special "low-profile" box spring to cancel out that extra height.

All of the sudden, the bed in the guestroom is so tall, the boys can't jump up on it.(Keep in mind, my dogs are corgis, heavy dogs with 3 inch legs! They are NOT vertical jumpers!) And even if they could, I wouldn't want them jumping back down! So I go ahead and make up the beds anyway, not much else I can do. I tidy up around the house, putting back the stuff I had moved out of the way, etc. After a bit, I go back upstairs. Looking in the guest bedroom, I am astonished to see......

Wilson: I take my Neighborhood Watch job very seriously!
Despite all the added new height, ten year old Wilson somehow managed to launch himself up onto his favorite hang-out, keeping the house safe from neighborhood trouble! Unfortunately, I had to burst his bubble and set him back on the floor. I couldn't risk him jumping down from that high up.

Of course, I was immediately on the phone to the Sears salesman, arranging an exchange of box springs for the low profile model the delivery guys told me about. It took a couple weeks to get it all taken care of and exchanged. During that time, I kept the door closed for safety's sake.

 Wilson was very happy to see the return of a lower bed!

Have a great weekend, Everyone!
 Don't let anything stand in your way!


  1. LOL! Good to know about the box springs! I'm in need of new mattresses myself!

  2. Darby can jump up on--and down from--our bed which is quite high, too. I hate it when she does it but still haven't figured out how to keep her from doing it (short of keeping her out of our bedroom.) I hated it even more yesterday evening when I saw her jump up on the grill counter in the backyard from the planter that surrounds a part of it -- then jump off the opposite side where it is waist high on 5'1" me!! We recently cleaned out the overgrown plants from the planter which gives her access to the grill counter. Have to figure out a temporary barrier!

  3. Glad you managed an exchange. All we can think of now is The Princess and the pea or should we say in Wilsons' case the Prince and the pea. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Brychwyn loves launching himself up onto the bed- which is not nearly the mountain you had (we've a platform with no box spring)- but I still hate him jumping down and have tried to teach him he needs to wait for help from me.

  5. I have a bed like that and I had to put an ottoman next to it for Blueberry because I knew her bad hips couldn't take the jumping off and on of it that high. She still tries about 2% of the time - but she's pretty good about using the ottoman. They really are the most comfortable beds! It's too bad you didn't get to see just how he actually managed to get himself up there - that's quite a leap for a Corgi!!

  6. The same thing happened to us! We sprung for the low profile box springs from the beginning, but our bed was still way higher than before...
    Stout jumps on without a problem. Porter comes up to the side, lets out a little woof, and then I give him a boost :) As soon as he sees me start to move, he stands up with his legs on the bed so I can "boost" him. We've got it down to a science now.
    Porter will even wait for me to lift him off. Mostly. Sometimes there is a yard-barking emergency... I cringe every time.

  7. Fantastic! Personally, we think you should always think of your dogs when buying new furniture...BOL!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  8. Amazing that Wilson did it!!! We have steps next to each of our beds to make sure that our pups don't hurt themselves jumping (and our beds aren't that tall!). Our dog, R, had elbow dysplasia surgery when he was a year old, so we are very protective of him.

    I'm glad you have comfy mattresses now!

  9. BOL! Way to go Wilson! It looks like you have an awesome, comfy new bed! Enjoy the people/world watching!

  10. way to go wilson, that is amazing. have a wonderful weekend

  11. Wow! That bed is very high. I agree that it's a good idea to get a shorter one and keep them off until then.

  12. That bed looks like even the humans might need a stepladder to get on it! I'm glad it all worked out, and Wilson didn't hurt himself. I'll bet he stood there thinking about the best approach before he made the leap. Hope you are enjoying the new mattresses and sleeping better!

    Susan and Wrigs

  13. Oh, Ma's mattress has been givin' her problems lately too. And, it's not really that old! It's a memory foam, and she's thinkin' they don't last as long as the traditional mattresses. Bummer.
    Anyhu, Way to go Wilson!! Very impressive! Good things your Moms saw you before your shift as neighborhood watchman was over...
    Ruby ♥

  14. Don't you hate those surprises? Growing up we had bunk beds. My parents ordered new mattresses and when they arrived, we found they were higher than the safety rail for the top one, and the bottom one put you about 12 inches from the top bed. BOL - we had to send them all back!


  15. Wilson sounds like one determined lil boy, he wanted to get on the bed, and he did it! lol! Hugs, Francesca

  16. I can't believe he jumped that high! That's crazy. We have a pillow top on our guest bed* and it's SO high now that when my mom comes to stay she has to sort of fling herself on the bed and then scramble her way up there. Guess I should look into some stairs...

    *It's actually the rejected mattress we'd bought for our master bedroom. Oh my goodness, the blog post I could write about our ridiculous bed search! We are on our 6th bed in about 18 mo. It's a loooong story - but not dog-related so I probably won't actually do a post about it!


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