Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fortune Cookie Wisdom.....but NCC*

* No Corgi Content

I'm not a big fan of Chinese food, but of course I do eat it now and again. And, of course, it always comes with a fortune cookie as dessert. We all know the best part of that is the fortune inside. Now there's a chance you've heard of the game kids (teenagers I hope!) play where when you read your fortune out loud you add the words "in bed" to the end of whatever is written for the fortune. This always adds a lot more giggles to the meaning of the fortune.

Well, being agility obsessed as I am, I read fortunes for how they can relate to the journey Jimmy and I are on to our agility championship. I then save the ones that I feel are inspirational. So, while not giggle-inducing, they still have an effect on me. I was cleaning out my wallet the other day and here are the ones that I felt were worthy of keeping.....

Click to enlarge for better readability
I am not sure which one is my favorite. They are all meaningful to me or I would not have saved them, but I think "Do not let ambitions overshadow small success" is a very relevant one for agility. It is so easy to leave the ring disappointed when you don't qualify and completely disregard the fact that some other challenge in the ring was met with perfection. There is quite a mind game to agility for the human team member and it's funny how these little pieces of paper can raise good points!

Oh and it's also funny if you add "in bed" to any of these. "Your dearest wish will come true in bed". LOL! See how that works ;-)


  1. Little pieces of paper inspiration...I love cookie fortunes. I have never heard of that game before but you are right, it is BOL funny when you add "in bed". I have got to remember that!

  2. Our office manager used to stash fortunes in her desk. Whenever we passed around a card for a birthday, or whatever occasion we were celebrating, she would somehow find just the right fortune, tape it in the card, and sign her name. It was always perfect, and always fun.

  3. We one day will make our own with some meaningful Mollyisms inside them. We'd never heard of the in bed game before. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Love it! I never thought about them & agility...

    I have one taped to my computer screen at work that says "You could prosper in the field of medical research." Weird, right? What made it even weirder was that I got it when I was going through all my cancer treatments :) I sure felt like I was in the midst of "medical research" back then! But I never made in money from it... :)

  5. Ok, I still play the in bed game too! Love the fortune cookies!!

  6. We have a small stash of fortune cookie fortunes as well. Sometimes they just fit.

  7. Oh... only kids play the "in bed" game?? Um... huh.

    "Do not let ambitions overshadow small success in bed" is particularly funny. :)

    As with Merinda's comment above, I also have a fortune taped to my computer screen. Sometimes I look at it while I'm working on one of my books. It says, "Your hard work is about to pay off." :)

  8. Chinese restaurants don't have fortune cookies...as a rule. We think the 'in bed' adds a bit to each.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  9. I love Chinese food and fortune cookies! For one of my birthdays (14, I think) we went out for Chinese and my Grandma was going to take me clothes shopping afterwards. I cracked open my fortune and read, "You will get new clothes." My family thought I had made it up. We were all laughing. I still have that fortune somewhere around here. ;)

    Those are great fortunes! Definitely worth hanging on to!
    I had never heard of adding "in bed" at the end of a fortune until now (I'm lame, I know, haha). Hilarious!

    Marquie, Lassie & Petal

  10. Oh, those are FABulous!! I love puttin' the 'in bed' to the ones you have...it really is funny!
    Ma used to do that in college!
    Oh, now where's the Kung Pao Chicken?...
    Ruby ♥


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