Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Header Retrospective - Part 3

This morning started with unusually low temps for mid May....36 degrees! I actually needed a winter coat and gloves for my early morning dog walk. Any colder, and all the flowers I planted a week ago would have been in danger of being frosted! Tomorrow is forecast to be in the 80s...such fickle weather we have!

And now, yet more old headers for you viewing entertainment......



This retrospective isn't done yet! I still have eighteen more headers to bring us back to current day! New blog fodder is still an issue so you will be seeing more of these!


  1. It's fun seeing the old headers. Blog fodder is hard to come by sometimes, isn't it? I envy people who seem to have something interesting and different to show and tell every day!

  2. Such fun looking back. They are predicting snow up North today. We too are having bipolar weather. We are also due for yet another rubbish Summer which will make it three in a row. Hope they are wrong. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. You are very good at capturing great moments of your wonderful boys!

  4. Love the header with the American flags. I have a similar picture with Audi and a Canadian flag. Our herb and tomato plants are dying because of the unexpected cold weather.

  5. Gosh, not sure which is my favorite of this bunch!?!They are all great but I think maybe the Jet Ski Boat and the last one might win out for me! I love to see them all!

  6. I love changing my banner pics too but unlike you, I can't remember them all because I didn't organise them properly. Typical. When I read that you had 36 degrees, I thought you were having a heat wave! Duh.

  7. Jimmy and Wilson have had some great adventures! I love the canoe shot--they look like they're trying to squeeze into that tiny patch of shade next to the boat.

    Susan and Wrigs

  8. I just love these because it helps me get to know you better!
    I have nominated you for a Super Sweet Blogging Award. You can get the details here: http://www.cascadiannomads.com/1/post/2013/05/eat-dessert-first-all-of-the-cascadian-nomads-celebrate-being-nominated-for-a-super-sweet-blogging-award.html It has been such a pleasure to getting to know you! Thanks for you support.


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