Friday, March 22, 2013

The Tree of Life?

We drove to the southern end of Myrtle Beach one day in order to walk someplace different. We parked near the Myrtle Beach State Park  and walked on its section of beach. Away from the hotels, this gave us an emptier beach. Being a state park, the natural South Carolina vegetation was allowed to grow unfettered. Just a short walk off the beach was this huge tree. It made me think of the Tree of Life in the movie Avatar .

Wilson: No Na'vi here....just bright green sea snakes!
Since this is a "Wilson" post with no Jimmy in sight...I want to tell a little story from last night.....

Most evenings after dinner, the boys like to go down in the basement and play a game of Squeakie. It's basically just fetch with a bit of wrestling thrown it. It doesn't last too long as they overheat pretty quickly. So I usually follow it up with the evening walk so they can cool down in the winter (still!) air. Last night, I guess their energy had yet to be depleted so I threw the outdoor toys around. After a few minutes, Wilson ran up on the deck and headed for the water bowl. Here's what he found.....

His water had iced over because winter won't leave!
But he didn't let that stop him! As I watched, he ran up, tried to get a drink, saw that it was iced over, and in one swift move, punched the ice with his right front paw just once, and got his drink. He wasn't playing in the water, or trying to tip the bowl, he just plain saw a problem and fixed it, quickly and efficiently. It was really quite astonishing!

Have a great weekend, Everyone!


  1. There are many steps in Wilson's thought process to get to this solution--which makes it very cool (no pun intended) and a bit amazing to be reminded of what our companions are capable!

  2. What a beautiful tree. Wilson is certainly clever, Im afraid our guys, particularly the pugs, are not as strong in the brain department but then that is part of their charm

    urban hounds

    1. My in-laws are pug people. They are definitely very endearing little dogs, if you don't mind cleaning your glasses A LOT from all the nose snorting, LOL! I've always had herders (even as a child) so I love all the brain-power they have! Not always as endearing when they out-think you, but amazing none the less!

  3. Clever boy Wilson. I'd punch a hole in it too as we are sick to the back teeth of this weather. Spring get a wiggle on.
    Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Sadly I think Blue would stand there staring quizzically at the water dish and Bettina would simply up end it. No problem solvers at our house...

  5. Smart doggie! I wish winter would leave here too. Damn global warming.

  6. What a smart pup! Beamer would have just looked at me all flabbergasted.

  7. What a smart boy he is. He reminds me of Darby in that regard.

  8. He's a problem solving kind of boy! I love pups like that!


  9. Wilson is so smart! I feel like dogs seem to get smarter and smarter with time - not something I would have expected when I didn't have a dog!

  10. Wilson is one smart pup! And cute too! What a gorgeous tree too! I really loved that pix!!!

  11. Wilson is one smart pup! And cute too! What a gorgeous tree too! I really loved that pix!!!

  12. That was a clever bit of problem solving! A dog's thought process can be quite complex and very entertaining to watch.

  13. What a smart pup! I understand his frustration. Winter won't leave us either!


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