Friday, February 8, 2013

New England is Getting a Blizzard........

.....and all we are getting here in Northern Virginia is a very slushy dusting..........

Just once every winter, it would be nice to get hit with a lot of snow!

So....many times I've mentioned walking my guys on the W and OD trail that is directly behind my house. You may also have noticed the power lines that run along the trail. That's because the local power company has legal right-of-way to run their lines on the trail. But it also requires them to manage the vegetation, to ensure it doesn't overgrow the lines and towers. They do this by pretty much bulldozing under the wires about once every five years. This winter was one of those years. It opened up areas that were buried in briars and blackberry bushes. Before, it was only passable if you were a bunny, now it's wide open, which led me to this rather odd photo op......

Another missed Wordless Wednesday opportunity, I am sure!
This chair has been out in the elements a very long time by the looks of it. Solid oak lasts a long time!

Jimmy is not nearly the model Wilson is. He's a bit camera shy and it can be very hard to get him to look into the lens. But today, he did not want to be left out. He practically jumped into my arms for his turn!

NO! My big butt did not break this chair!

Have a great weekend, Everyone!
Stay safe if you are in the path of the big blizzard!


  1. Wow look you have a chair to sit on and take a breather during your walks. Cool one. I'd like one as a better vantage point for seeking squirrels. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. What a great prop to find so fortuitously! Love the pictures.

  3. Howdy Mates, even your little bit of snow looks exciting to us. Wonder where the old chair came from? HOpe your weekend is a grreat one. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  4. Those are great photos! We have a winter storm on the way tonight, but most likely we won't get much snow at our house (though we'd love it if we did). That chair is pretty cool! It looks like it might make a fun restoration project--a new seat and it'll be good to go. :-)

    Susan and Wrigs

  5. so cute! Are you sure you arent getting a storm?? We sure are!

  6. What a really cool chair! Love Wilson's pose and Jimmy looks great too!

  7. Here's my Wilson's Wordless Wednesday caption:
    "Where's the woven willow seat?"


  8. That chair looks worth rescuing and restoring! Your power company sounds as effing mad as ours. When they come round to trim our trees from the power lines, they butcher them.


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