Friday, November 9, 2012

We Know What To Do!

Wilson and Jimmy are so used to me lugging my camera around everywhere we go, that they pretty much just strike up a pose whenever I ask for a sit. It has absolutely nothing to do with the treat bag that's always attached to one of the leashes.

Here are the last couple of photographs from the farm last weekend. I can really drag out my posts, can't I?

And as I often do, I saved my favorite for last. I absolutely love how Jimmy looks like he sat up extra straight, puffing out his little chest, in order to be seen behind Wilson.

Click to enlarge Jimmy's cuteness!

Have a great weekend, Everyone!


  1. Looking good there guys. We want to know did you get to see any mice? Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. That's very Jimmy, isn't it?

  3. They are just so photogenic! I have to find a way to get Sherman and Leroy to puff out there chest on cue!

  4. They sure know how to pose, honestly they ought to consider modeling careers

    urban hounds

  5. fab pictures!!! ones for the wall id say!!!

    Charlene & Stormy

  6. Aw, so adorable! Great pictures!

  7. Hi! Honey I Shrunk The Pig gave you an award!

  8. They definitely tip the cuteness scale! :)


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