Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sea of Green!

While most of the lawns in my area have turned a crunchy shade of brown, down by our neighborhood lake, things are still bursting with color! The color GREEN! Not only are the weeds and plants at the lake's edge thriving, but almost the entire back end of the lake is covered in aquatic plants!

Here's Wilson, sitting in the morning sun, against a backdrop of overgrown vegetation. I have monkeyed (or that would be PicMonkey-ed) with it a bit, but the contrast truly was this vivid! As soon as I saw this photo, Ringo Starr's voice popped into my head with some of the words from Yellow Submarine.....

As we live a life of ease
Every one of us has all we need
(One of us, has all we need)
Sky of blue and sea of green
(Sky of blue, sea of green)
In our yellow submarine
(In our yellow, submarine, aha)

As that little ditty gets stuck in your's Wilson.......


  1. It's been so dry here in AZ, it is kind of nice to see pictures with a little green in it.


  2. Lovely picture, he looks so happy.

    urban hounds

  3. Great, now I have that song stuck in my head...

  4. Here in WI I am happy with just a hint of green. But Wilson looks great with green!

  5. With Jimmy on the DL, Wilson seems to be getting his place in the, I mean green.

  6. Even when it's green in San Diego in isn't really green -- it's grey/green. Isn't Picmonkey fun?

  7. What a great picture! I don't think I have seen that much green in awhile!

  8. Hi! Luv the picture. There is something so magnificent about a corgi.

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