Friday, August 17, 2012

A Stroll Down Memory Lane....

Sculpture and Photograph by Barbie Sonnett
It's funny how things can trigger an old memory, one that hasn't surfaced in a long time. I am a big fan of the sculptures that Barbie Sonnett creates. She was an amazing talent and luckily for the Corgi world, she directs her skills in our direction! I always keep an eye peeled to EBay to see her latest pieces. So when I saw this amusing little scene built around a lamp, I couldn't help but smile at the memories it conjured up.....

Back in the days when I had my sweet Cardi Dylan , I lived in a condo in Reston. We often ordered pizza for delivery. We would phone it in and then write out a check for the delivery person. Well, Mr. Dylan was just as big a fan of pizza as we were, and it didn't take him long to figure out the pattern.....Hear the word "Pizza", a phone call, a check and that meant something wonderful would be arriving at the front door! He would go position himself a few feet from the door and wait. His attention span would hold whether the pizza took 15 minutes to arrive or even an hour. He sat and waited and drooled. It got to the point where if we were just tossing around the idea, "Hey, you wanna order a Pizza?", he would go sit by the door....for a long time. And, heaven forbid, if we decided against getting one, convincing him to leave the door was tough! We eventually started talking in code when it came to discussing the topic. We shortened it to just "P"..."You wanna order a P?" Of course all dogs learn the key word "wanna", and figuring out what "P" meant was simple enough. So then we switched to "Pie"....He figured that one out, too! Never doubt how much your dog understands, especially when it involves a beloved food! We moved from Reston, and no longer got delivery pizzas at our new house (they always arrived cold!), but Dylan knew the word Pizza all his remaining days!

Many thanks to Barbie for reviving a fond memory. If that lamp had featured brindle Cardigans, it would very likely be sitting on a table in my house right now!

Have a memorable weekend, Everyone!


  1. OMD, they are so smart. That's a great story!

  2. Your Dylan sounds like our Sam - he knows the "P" word too!


  3. That is the funniest story about Dylan and the pizza. Thank you for making us laugh this morning. Have a wonderful Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Sweet story. Made me stop and think of all the wonderful corgis I have had in my life and how simply magical they are.


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