Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Standoff

Lately, it seems we have hit the doldrums of summer. The weather has been very hot, there's been little rain, and the grass is turning brown and crunchy. The boys don't want to go outside despite being bored. And, of course, Jimmy is still on restricted exercise, so, really, the hot weather helps with that. I haven't been lugging my camera around as much since walks are short and close to home. There just isn't much inspiration right now.....So I rooted around in my picture folders to see what I could come up with, you know, the B-list photos. This picture isn't much to speak of,  focus-wise or exposure, but it is definitely classic Jimmy. Click to enlarge for the full effect.....

Jimmy: I can stand here as long as it takes! Cat: Oh, Yea? So Can I!


  1. Stubborn boy! The hot weather wears on a person, doesn't it? That's the only thing that makes Glenn and me "nervous" about our probably eventual move to the east coast to be near Erika. Your heat isn't that bad compared to us, but the humidity is! When it's hot here, the humidity is rarely above 30 and usually it's in the teens and even lower. Dry heat really is easier to take.

  2. Oh Jimmy how funny I'd be straight in there getting into trouble no doubt. Have a good day.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Hi guys,

    Love the blog - posted it at the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Community




  4. Kinda like a staring contest

    urban hounds

  5. LOL! I hope your summer picks up for you soon!!


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