Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday = Fun day!

Not too far from my house is a place called the Olde Towne Pet Resort . It is an extremely upscale pet boarding facility. You can spend $110 a night to kennel your dog there if you op for the top Luxury plan that includes a TV in your dog's suite, plus a web cam so you can check in. It is very modern, very clean, and looks very secure. When it first opened I took a tour just for fun. One of their amenities is an indoor swimming pool for the dogs. I thought it would be great to try, but alas, it was expensive. It would have been a very extravagant splurge to say the least. Jimmy and Wilson might just have to stick to their little streams. But lo and behold...what came in the mail but a coupon! I love coupons! This one was for $50 off any of the resort's services. Being the skeptic that I am, I figured it would apply to boarding services or when your total bill reached a certain level. I called them and asked. It never hurts to ask, right? Well, to my delight, and as you will see, Jimmy's and Wilson's delight, they let me use it for the pool! Woohoo! Both boys got to swim, and all I paid was $11.50! What a bargain!

It was a small pool with a long ramp for the dogs to walk in. Wilson has been in a pool many times, but this was Jimmy's first time. He was a tad hesitant until he realized it was just swimming!

The boys had a BLAST! Now all I have to do is dig through all my neighbors' trash and recycling bins to find their discarded coupons!

And a big thank you to the very pleasant staff at the resort. They helped make it a very enjoyable event!


  1. How fun! Neither Darby nor Pumpkin like the kids wading pool I had for them...but I have no idea what they would do with "real" water.

  2. How cool is that?!?! How fun!

  3. Now that looked like fun. Have a great Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Our corgis really do live a similar life! :) But it looks like yours lead a slightly classier one - with the fancy pool vs. our muddy creek. I'll have to look for coupons for our fancy pet resort with the pool too - good idea!

  5. Did both boys take to swimming naturally? I had to teach/encourage Charlie, our first CWC, to go into the pond to retrieve sticks. He loved retrieving, but hated swimming. I eventually gave up because he kept getting ear infections.

    1. Both these guys, and also my first Cardi Dylan, were all very natural swimmers. I think they like it so much because they can retrieve to their hearts content w/o overheating. Wilson is the most obsessed of the three.

    2. That's why Charlie loved retrieving in the snow!

  6. Wow, I'm so happy to see you guys, your doing great on your training, keep it up.

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