Thursday, July 12, 2012

Road Trip, Day Two - Part Two

After the fun of riding the Maid of the Mist, we walked back to our motel and got Jimmy and Wilson. We drove them to the upscale side of town to save ourselves a very long walk. Here there is a fancy Marriott highrise looking right at the top of Horseshoe Falls. The rooms must have wonderful views! There is a lovely brick paved path running all along the top of a hill above the falls, behind a fancy mall and casino, and eventually coming out to a road that heads down to the Welcome Center. It was planted with all sorts of pretty plants and flowers.

Here we are at the start of the walk......

It looks like you could almost jump right in!
There was a storm blowing around and it made for some interesting light. This picture makes it look like dusk but really it was just afternoon.

Click to enlarge the falls.

Between the Canadian side and the American side runs a bridge. It carries both cars and pedestrians across the border. It is called the Rainbow Bridge, due, I am sure, to the many rainbows cast by the spray of the falls. It was cloudy so we didn't see any. Needless to say, I had no plans to walk my dogs across a bridge called that!

There was no way in hell I was walking my dogs across the Rainbow Bridge!
We turned off the pretty brick path, and headed down to the Welcome Center area which is down a steep hill.

A nice photo-op!
I really wanted to get some classic "in front of the falls" pictures of the boys. But, alas, the walls and fencing made it difficult, as well as all the milling people. I tried to get John to hold each boy up for a shot but he was too embarrassed! Heaven forbid someone he didn't know and would never see again, might think he was some dog weirdo! I guess I am used to it :-)

We wondered around a bit more and then headed back to the car. We drove around, through a park, past some interesting old buildings, etc. It was dinner time for the boys and they had had enough outdoor time to take a break.

After settling them back into the room, we headed out again! We did ALOT of walking on this trip!

The main tourist area on the Canadian side is like a beach town on steroids! There are endless ways to entertain yourself or your kids. Mirror mazes, glow in the dark indoor putt-putt golf, Dracula's Castle, a Ripley's Believe It or Not...and the list goes on! Here's an idea of what it looks like.....

Look at that full moon!

A ginormous Frankenstein atop the Burger King!

A real man in thick gold paint. This 'Elvis' statue came alive if you paid him a tip.

We wandered around, shopped in the t-shirt/junk stores, and finally walked back to the room around 11PM. It was a big day and I was asleep the second my head hit the pillow!


  1. Awesome day! That's a mighty scary bridge, I wouldn't even walk across it without the dogs!

  2. I enjoyed your comment about the bridge, and laughed at your description of John's concerns!

  3. I love Niagara Falls. We haven't been in a few years but we used to take our kids there when they were young. It's only a two hour drive from our house! :) Definitely lots to see there!

  4. Nice photograph of the guys by the Falls sign. Enjoyed looking at the pictures of your trip. Have a lovely Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. I've finally trained my fiance to enjoy the weird photo ops. Or at least he doesn't object anymore... :)


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