Friday, July 20, 2012

In a Bit of a Funk

Tuesday Jimmy saw his chiro/accupuncture vet. If you remember my last Weekend Report , the canine masseuse found a very tight iliopsoas muscle. Well, the vet agreed and found the same issue. Jimmy definitely has something going on with that muscle. Jimmy gave out a yelp when the vet palpated the area. He hasn't been exhibiting any lameness, nor had he been dropping bars or slowing through the weaves as is common with this sort of injury. Hopefully this means the injury is not too severe. So of course, agility of any kind is off the radar for the foreseeable future. I had a couple of trials scheduled and cancelled those. Fortunately one had a waiting list so I was able to get a partial refund and the other one hadn't closed entries yet so I just pulled my entry. I'll be using those entry fees for rehab treatrments, for sure! And Wilson said he'd be more than happy to fill in for Jimmy at the weekly agility class. There are 4 more classes in this session, so he gets to play a bit.

So Jimmy is on exercise restriction. Leash walks only, no running, no jumping, no swimming, not much of anything. He's already starting to complain! He's bored and his energy is building. That means he burns off some off it by being very vocal. Yikes! This will be for several WEEKS! Holy Moly!

He will be getting cold laser therapy, acupuncture if needed, and I think I will schedule a couple of massages to keep the muscle as loose as possible. This is a tough muscle to rehab and very easy to re-injure. It doesn't help that Jimmy is one of those dogs that doesn't take care of their own bodies.

Needless to say, this is a disappointing development. Jimmy does not seem to be in much, if any, pain, so that is very good. I know I will miss my hobby as well as the social aspect of the sport. Jimmy is going to miss being busy and active. I guess I'll need to do some trick training to keep his mind busy.


  1. Oh poor Jimmy. I hope he is doing ok. We're thinking about you!

  2. well crap. ;(

    give jimmy a pat for me! i've got lots if ideas about what to do with an exercise restricted dog to keep them from going crazy. I have lots of experience with that unfortunately! Maybe I'll do a blog post on monday about some ideas!

    in the mean time the number one thing to do is shaping games. Get out a clicker and start teaching things like head down, dead dog, look left/right. Left/Right Paw. Back up. etc. etc. etc. It tires them out and you can teach some pretty impressive tricks!

  3. My friend's dog injured his psoas, and it responded quite well to the cold laser treatments. Hope Jimmy makes a complete recovery!

  4. Poor Jimmy! This is one of my biggest fears - well, I think it is all agility people's biggest fears! :)

    Hoping for a speedy (and quiet!) recovery!

  5. Oh, that's not good news, for either of you. Wilson seems to be the only beneficiary. By the time Jimmy's rehab is finished, you'll have a dog with lots of new parlor tricks!

  6. Speedy recovery! I am in the same boat with Iggy Pop...just with a broken toe. :/ Sigh.

  7. I am sorry to read this. I know that Jimmy will get the best of care, though. Best wishes for a speedy recovery from me and Brother Bobby!

  8. Jimmy Bone to Jimmy Tipton: Aroooo! barkbarkbark..bark....bark....

  9. We are wishing Jimmy a speedy recovery! Those psoas muscles can be tricky, but it sounds like you have an awesome treatment/rehab plan.

    Tamara + Rupert

  10. Best wishes to Jimmy for a quick recovery!!

  11. May I suggest trying some nosework games with him. They can be done on leash of off, they use his brain and will make him have to think a bit.And they can be played anywhere, inside or outside. They tend to tire my crew a little. I would be glad to walk you through starting him.

    1. Hi Dawn!

      I would love to know how to get started w/ nosework. Maybe you could do a blog post on it? I bet there are more people than just me who would love to know how!

  12. Poor Jimmy! Poor you - tryig to keep Jimmy sedate!!!! Sending healing thoughts from the Lyberty Gang!


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