Monday, May 7, 2012

What I Saw as I Walked in the Back Door

So, I came into the house via the back door....and this is what I saw. Jimmy sacked out on his bed. Nothing unusual about that except he didn't bother to get up. I was able to walk to the kitchen island, grab my camera, walk back to the door, and the silly expression hadn't changed a bit. I guess he must have had a moose antler hangover...that's what's poking out from under his lower leg.

A face only his mother could love!


  1. Cute! Reminds me of my Pumpkin -- always with the tip of her tongue sticking out.

  2. I like the tongue sticking out! Laying atop of the treats - how is it comfortable? Too funny!

  3. OMG! Jimmy's hilarious! Love the tongue!

  4. That is so awesome! ((hugs to Jimmy))


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